10 Examples That You Already Depend On Artificial Intelligence In Your Daily Life

The idea that robots will conquer the world, for sure that you think it has copied from a science fiction movie, or at least something that will not be a reality until, for example, 2035. But the reality is different: the future is now.

Artificial intelligence solutions have been among us for decades , and in much more tiresome ways than the cars without driver or facial recognition technology. Smart technology does so many things behind our backs, and we don’t even perceive, that we would be surprised to discover how complicated our lives would be without it.

Here are 10 ways in which you use Artificial Intelligence daily and in which you may not even have noticed.


In today’s homes, people love having smart speakers and voice assistants. According to a recent study by Nielsen , shows after analyzing the case in the United States, 24% of households have a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo. These assistants use natural language processing (PLN) to interpret orders by voice and respond to them, allow you to play music with an order, remind you to throw away the trash or tell your children a good night’s story .


Smartphones use Artificial Intelligence in many ways, so you’re sure to use it a few times a day with just one finger. Siri and Google Assistant are already known functions of mobile phones that allow you to perform searches and voice requests. In addition, the intelligent improvements made in “selfies”, that is, what happens when you use the portrait mode of your iPhone, for that you have to thank artificial intelligence, which identifies the appropriate approach.


Whether you love to tweet or if you are addicted to Instagram or Facebook, most of the notifications and content you receive through social networks are selected by artificial intelligence. Your user experience is completely tailored to your needs. Each platform offers you the information that you think you are looking for , so that you come back often , so the next time you spend hours reading news, you will know the exact reason.


If you use Google as a search engine, you may have noticed that it offers you recommendations to complete the query based on the text you have written. The data from this predictive search is presented based on the data that Google collects about you (or other users) when you browse the internet, such as your age, location and other personal data. The search engine uses AI to guess what you may be looking for, so that we can offer you better information.

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Sellers like Amazon use artificial intelligence to gather information about your shopping habits and preferences, so that they can personalize your online experience. These products are helpful to specifically recommendations based on your habits and tastes, so you feel that you are buying with the help of an online personal assistant. No wonder we repeat the experience again and again.


The chatbots help thousands of customers from all sectors to get answers to simple questions support or help. For example, a bank entity’s chatbot can handle simple requests, such as showing the available balance, the transfer of funds and the closing of accounts. Bots use Artificial Intelligence to help customers find data, but they also offer advantages, since they can save customer usage data and offer products based on their specific needs.


Who doesn’t like to have specific playlists based on their musical preferences? Artificial intelligence from services such as Spotify and Alexa learn the different tastes and musical preferences of the users of these platforms to develop better playlists. Data such as the length of a song, the tone or the genre help these platforms to suggest similar songs and artists to their users.


Artificial Intelligence also plays an important role in navigation systems. Whether you use Google or Apple Maps to get directions, artificial intelligence reads many data points in order to provide updated and real-time information about the state of traffic to users. Voice navigation helps drivers follow the most efficient route, and even some navigation interfaces propose routes to usual locations.


Entering the house without keys and turning on the lights just by using the voice are situations that are becoming widespread in today’s homes, and all thanks to artificial intelligence. There are now entire protocols like Z-Wave that allow owners to design their own Internet of Things (IoT). With the use of “a type of low frequency radio waves”, Z-Wave smart home devices can communicate with each other and with other applications to automate processes that previously needed a human touch. There is no need to continue fighting with a confusing programmable thermostat: let it program itself!


Artificial intelligence is increasingly useful to email service providers to filter junk mail, and users are delighted. Now, instead of clicking a button to report junk mail, Gmail and other email services use machine learning to distinguish between emails that are legitimate and those that are not. And, in addition, each individual has different preferences, so that AI will help you personalize your mailbox.

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the ways you use AI in your day-to-day life, can you imagine living without all these comforts? You would have to get up in the morning to open the door or listen to music on the radio that you don’t even like. How awful!

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