20 Meaningful And Beautiful Names For Baby Girls

Are you ready to welcome your little munchkin to your abode? Everyone must have started hustling-bustling for her pompous welcome. If it is a baby girl, excitement knows no boundaries.

Our Suggestion before you name your baby girl

You might skim through the naming lists or maybe think of your admirable celebs, but you still, it will be good to pick a name with a powerful meaning. Therefore, to help you with the baby girl’s name, CocoFinder online has some unprecedented and rare names for baby girls.


The beautiful and rare baby girl names with subtle meanings

Being a parent, you have indeed made a prolonged list of necessities, including her clothes, Barbie dolls, and many more. But have you ever thought of naming your doll something inimitable yet attractive? With thousands of options to select from, it is not easier to pick one beautiful rare girl name!

Let’s take a glance at the most elegant yet beautiful rare girl name for your kids:

1. Clara

Isn’t it the most dulcet name you have ever heard of? Clara is a feminine term of the Latin name ‘Clarus,’ which indicates resplendent, transparent, or famous.’ It would be a superior pick for your newborn.

2. Maya

The name ‘Maya’ would be a top-notch pick for your baby girl as it has robust meaning. In Hebrew, ‘Maya’ means ‘water,’ and in Sanskrit, it means ‘phantasm.’ Therefore, such an intense name will define her personality.

3. Esther

‘Ester’ will be the most exquisite and beautiful rare girl name! However, its inception was not apparent, and many people think it has come from a Persian word that means ‘star.’ Moreover, naming may also beget after the Eastern goddess of fertility and love.

4. Esperanza

It is also one of the most elegant names that come from the Latin word ‘Sperantia.’ It again begets from the Spanish verb ‘sperare,’ which means ‘to hope.’

5. Hannah

How beautiful it will hear when you call your baby girl ‘Hannah.’ The name is derived from the Hebrew word, which means ‘glory of God’ or ‘favor.’ But according to most Babycare, the Latin and Greek version of ‘Hannah’ is ‘Anna.’

6. Ellie

Ellie is an endearing nickname for Ellen, which also comes from the English version of the Greek name ‘Helen.’ It means ‘torch,’ and therefore, the real meaning of ‘Ellie’ is ‘gleaming light.’

7. Tiffany

Tiffany is the most beautiful rare girl name as it is the medieval term of ‘Theophania.’ Such an adorable name will be given to those babies who are born on Epiphany.

8. Mila

‘Mila’ consists of elements like ‘milu,’ which means ‘dear’ or ‘gracious,’ based on ‘Behind the name.’ You may name your munchkin ‘Mila’ to showcase how darling she is!

9. Gwyneth

The Welsh moniker means ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate,’ according to Nameberry. This name will give you a nice perk, and everything will fill with joy after her arrival. Your baby Gwyneth will fill your life with glee!

10. Faye

According to Behind the Name, such a mysterious name came from the Middle English word, such as ‘fairy,’ according to Behind the Name. Your little one is no other than a fairy tale to you, right? It will be fruitful for naming her as ‘Faye.’

11. Grisell

‘Grisell’ means a grey battle. The naming is a kind of hilarious yet beautiful rare girl name with a leading choice of a daredevil baby namer. Sounds exciting, right? Your baby will love the name and thank you later.

12. Rihanna

‘Rihanna’ comes from an Arabic background, which means ‘sweet basil.’ Moreover, the name will be suggested for those who are immensely down to earth. Behind the Name figures out one of its variants, ‘Rayhana,’ which was the name of fortune teller’s wives.

13. Gabriella

Such an adorable and admiring name means ‘God is my power’ and is also said to be the feminized and Italian version of Gabriel. Moreover, the name belongs to an angel in the Jewish and Islamic religious context, who works as god’s messenger.

14. Alexandra

Are you expecting that she will make a change after growing? Alexandra is one of the most conventional feminine forms of ‘Alexander,’ which means ‘safeguarding men.’ Based on Greek mythology, ‘Alexandra’ was another name of fortune teller Cassandra.

15. Akshita

If you think of preparing your baby girl as a tough woman, none other than ‘Akshita’ will be perfect for her. It means ‘permanent,’ which can’t be broken so easily.

16. Ishaani

According to Hindu mythology, ‘Ishaani’ means those who belong to Ishaan, indicating ‘Lord Shiva.’ Therefore, it is another name of goddess Parvati, dearest wife of Lord Shiva.

17. Abigail

Such a beautiful rare girl name starts with ‘Abigail,’ which means ‘my dad is joyous.’ Our predictability tells us the naming is pretty much precise, especially when she will make a grand entrance.

18. Karishma

It is a Hindi-originated name, which means ‘blessing’ or ‘enchanting’ or ‘miracle.’ So, the name will portray her personality after she grows up.

19. Audrey

This name basically has some ‘outdated English backgrounds,’ which means ‘strength’ and ‘noble.’ It would be a beautiful rare girl name if you want your little princess to grow up to be robust and graceful.

20. Moriah

‘Moriah’ comes from a Hebrew name, which means a place where Abraham went to surrender Isaac in the Old Testament. As per the Behind the Name, this name indicates ‘observed by Yahweh.’ But according to Nameberry, it means ‘God is my teacher.’

Concluding words

We understand your nervousness while naming your princess, as you have been looking for a name with greater anticipation. The chosen name will demonstrate her personality and individuality to the world. With these lists of top 20 beautiful rare girl names, you don’t need to worry about uniqueness.

Visit CocoFinder online today to check more vast collections of meaningful yet lovely girl names. Go through such a plethora of refreshing name lists and pick a suitable one that she will boast in the upcoming future. If you like this article, make sure to share and subscribe.

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