5 Effective Ways to Spy on Someone’s iPhone

Spying on an iPhone has until been reserved for the most elite surveillance companies. However, anyone from parents to business owners can spy on an iPhone remotely thanks to online surveillance companies.

These online spy apps can be used to spy on someone to keep them safe especially children. Spying on someone should always be done in stealth to ensure your activities are unnoticed.

Now you are here, let’s get to it. This post will show you 5 effective apps you can use to spy on an iPhone remotely.

1. Cocospy – Best iPhone Spy App

As the leading iPhone surveillance app, Cocospy has gained the attention of media outlets like Forbes. Cocospy provides the most convenient way to spy on someone’s iPhone without physically accessing the iPhone.

With Cocospy, not only can you spy on iOS devices but also on Android devices. Cocospy is a web-based spy app that lets users spy on an iPhone remotely. The app is trusted by millions of users across the world.

Cocospy - Best iPhone spy app

Another iPhone spy app worth considering is Neatspy. Cocospy provides users with over 30 iPhone spy features that give them access to virtually everything. The app can spy on social media apps and other installed apps.

Why people use Cocospy

Cocospy besides providing users with amazing features, it offers equally remarkable capabilities. Here are some of them:

1. Works in stealth

All the iPhone surveillance activities using this app takes place in the background. The app doesn’t require installation on the target iPhone. Rather, Cocospy uses the iCloud backup to spy on an iPhone.

As such, the iPhone user is unable to notice any changes in the phone performance. What’s more, Cocospy doesn’t use other iPhone resources like memory or storage making it hard for the user to suspect.

Also, Cocospy allows users to spy on the target iPhone remotely. To accomplish this, users only need to log in to their dashboard to start spying on the target iPhone.

2. No Jailbreaking Required

Cocospy doesn’t require installation which eliminates the need to jailbreak the target iPhone. It is one of a handful of iPhone spy apps that don’t require compromising the target iPhone.

To overcome this challenge, Cocospy uses cutting-edge technology. Jailbreaking an iPhone leaves the user vulnerable to malware and voids the warranty of the phone.

Also, jailbreaking an iPhone requires technical know-how and takes time to accomplish. So, jailbreaking is not an option if you want to spy in stealth since your target will suspect.

3. Safe

Cocospy doesn’t gather data from third-party apps so it is unable to store it on its server. Also, the user of the app is the only one who can access the content on the Cocospy dashboard. Even developers of the app can’t access it.

4. Multiple Features

To spy on iPhone, Cocospy provides users with dozens of surveillance features. The app comes with a location surveillance feature, social media surveillance, calls, and contact surveillance.

As well, Cocospy allows you to spy on text messages, emails, and keystrokes on the target iPhone. For details, check out the demo version of the service on the official Cocospy website.

Using Cocospy to Spy on an iPhone

Here are the simple steps involved when spying on an iPhone using Cocospy.

Step 1: Visit the Cocospy website and signup for the service. Also, subscribe to a plan that suits your needs.

Step 2: To configure the target iPhone, you need its iCloud credentials. Once you have them, provide, and verify.

Step 3: Cocospy will take a few minutes to sync the data. Once all is done, click the Finish button to finalize the setup process.

Step 4: You will have access to your Cocospy dashboard. Here, you will have access to all the features of this app. To the left, there is a scroll panel that lets you choose the aspect you want to spy on.

Using Cocospy to spy on an iPhone

Cocospy will give you access to all the activities and conversations taking place on the iPhone.

2. Spyic

Spyic is another leading iPhone spy app that lets users spy on an iPhone discreetly. All its iPhone surveillance activities take place in the background to avoid arousing suspicion on the target iPhone user.


To avoid jailbreaking the target iPhone, Spyic uses iCloud backup to spy on an iPhone. Also, millions of users trust and use Spyic for their surveillance needs. Not only does it work on iOS but also on Android devices.

3. Spyier

Another remarkable iPhone spy app is Spyier. The app works discreetly and remotely letting you spy on your target in stealth. With Spyier, users have access to different iPhone spy features that give them unlimited capabilities.

Besides, Spyier doesn’t require jailbreaking the target iPhone. Rather, it uses the iCloud backup to spy on the target. Also, this iPhone spy app allows you to spy on an iPhone over the internet.

4. Minspy

Minspy is an iPhone spy app with amazing surveillance features. It is popular among parents, spouses, and business owners. With Minspy, users can spy on virtually anything on the target iPhone.

The app is safe and doesn’t require jailbreaking the iPhone. To spy on an iPhone, Minspy uses the iCloud backup which makes it impossible for the user to detect. Also, it is a web-based iPhone spy app.

5. Spyine

Spyine is another incredible iPhone spy app. The app provides users with quality services. With over 30 iPhone surveillance features, Spyine allows you to spy on all aspects.

Spyine is among the latest iPhone spy apps using cutting-edge technology to spy on their target. The app is also compatible with Android devices. Also, it works in the background to avoid detection by the iPhone user.


The most effective way to spy on an iPhone is through a spy app. iPhone spy apps come with different capabilities. However, for the best results, it is recommended to use apps that don’t require jailbreaking the target iPhone.

Check out Cocospy or any of the iPhone spy apps we reviewed. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

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