5 Techniques To Get Backlinks To Your Site

In recent years, Google’s algorithm has become more complex, and today, only sites with an effective netlinking strategy appear at the top of search results. If you have bad quality links, not only is your site not highlighted, even, on the contrary, Google risks sanctioning you.

We are going to see the 5 best techniques to get quality backlinks and have a well-referenced site. This is proving to be an essential step for success in digital marketing, a constantly growing field. Doting Words Solutions help you build a good link profile for your project and helps you to achieve the highest ranks in search engines. They offer the good link building services which results in an effective SEO strategy for your websites

1. Write A List Of Bloggers

This technique consists of having a page listing all the best bloggers on a given topic. It’s up to you to choose the theme; for example, you can choose the best bloggers in marketing, and you list all the best bloggers in this theme on one page. You also add a photo for each blogger and a quick overview.

If you wish, you can also indicate the social networks of each blog next to their presentation. Once you’ve written your page and it goes live, get in touch with all of these bloggers to let them know that they’ve been selected to be on the top. Many will be happy to share your page, and some will mention it on their site, which will earn you quality, relevant links.

2. Write a page on the opinion of the experts

The second technique is similar to the previous one. But instead of making a list of bloggers, you group all the answers related to a question according to a list of experts that you have selected.

You choose the question; it must be related to your theme.

For example, this question could be, “What are the top three tips for success in life?” If you choose the theme of personal development. In the field of travel, you can ask the question of the 3 most original destinations.

Then you contact all the important bloggers on this topic to ask their opinion. A number will answer your question, and all the answers you receive will be grouped on your page. Once your page is finished, you’re-contact all bloggers who answered your question to show them the page and let them know that their answer has been chosen to appear on your page.

Again, many bloggers will be happy to appear on your page (this will give a lot of credibility in the eyes of their visitors), and some will put you on a new quality link.

3. Write content for external sites

This technique, like the technique of dead links, is a “win-win” technique. The idea is to write quality content for free for other sites, with a theme similar to yours. Of course, the content you will write must be unique, without any copy and paste, so that Google does not sanction the site you are collaborating with.

You will contact sites with a theme similar to yours but have not yet written content on certain sub-themes that you master well. Before you start writing this content, make sure you agree on the conditions for posting your content on their site, including the number of words, the type of content they expect, and the number of links your site will have on your site. You are allowed to embed within this content.

The advantage of this technique is that the site with which you collaborate will have additional content for its Internet users. For your part, by inserting one or more links following your blog at the heart of the content that will be published on the other side, you get new, relevant quality links.

4. Create infographics

Computer graphics’ technique consists of creating an interactive page with a maximum of information easy to assimilate on a given theme.

The idea is to bring content but in a very specific way. It is necessary to create a maximum of interactions with Internet users, particularly diagrams and images.

Once ready, share your infographic with all the bloggers who are related to your theme. The multi-active dimension of computer graphics will lead to many shares on social networks.

Additionally, many bloggers will be tempted to link to your infographic. This is the reason why Google loves interactive sites. A site with many comments (ideally with a blogger who responds to comments) earns points in SEO. And sharing or mentioning an infographic on its site allows it to receive many comments and feedback from its Internet users, which is excellent for Google.

5. Find dead links

The technique of dead links is very effective in obtaining a relevant link. The reason is that you are bringing value to an external site by updating their content that is no longer there.

Concretely, this technique consists of finding pages of links related to your site’s theme where several links are exceeded. The goal is to educate the relevant site, which will be more than happy to mention your site when removing outdated links.

For example, to find link lists, if you have a fitness blog, you can google “fitness helpful links page”. Once you’ve found link pages, use the free Google Chrome Check my Links extension, which identifies all current dead links on a page within seconds. This extension highlights in green the links that are up to date and red the obsolete links.

Once you’ve identified the outdated links, contact the site author to let them know that the content is out of date. The email also presents your site by indicating that it offers the same theme and that it would find its place in the list to replace one of the dead links.

As you enrich its value, most sites you contact will be willing to mention your site, which will want you to have a quality, relevant link.

To conclude

Making quality links is by no means impossible, but it does require investment. You have to choose your methods to get maximum value from sites that can potentially mention your site as a link, and the natural referencing of your site on Google will gain notoriety. Finally, there are also many tools to analyze and track your backlinks.

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