7 Best iPhone Apps That are Very Helpful To Cook At Home

The obligation to be at home these days is the perfect opportunity to catch up on those things for which we never have time or to do more carefully those that are simply mandatory. For this reason and for those who want to take advantage and stand out with better recipes at home or for those who want to start from scratch, Apple has suggested an interesting list of apps to learn how to cook with the iPhone.

The list includes recommendations for beginners, for those who want to perfect their techniques or for those who only lack the title of chef. And it is that in any of the three cases, there is always room for new recipes and flavours.

Here are the Top 7 Apps to Learn Cooking


It is the famous cooking app from BuzzFeed, which shows the ingredients, preparation and final result of succulent dishes in very simple videos. Tasty also has filters to select from 4,000 recipes, according to a specific ingredient, a dish according to a social occasion.
Tasty’s filters also allow you to choose between vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, healthy and comforting food. On the other hand and if the recipe is not what we expect for a specific moment but it is something that we would like to try later, the app offers the option of saving them for later.


This app very well valued in the App Store, allows us to create our own recipes, choosing from the 3 million options to do following the step by step, really very detailed it offers.
Cookpad offers the possibility of expanding our list of dishes, saving the creations of other homemade food lovers and sharing our results with a Cooksnap or exchanging ideas in a private or group chat.


Not all are noodle dishes. This app aims to make each user cook with what is at hand. Therefore, it has a search system based on ingredients, which can also be done in around 20 minutes or less. In this way, it seeks that users save and avoid food waste.

Oh She Glows

It is a recipe app focused on those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. Each of the 150 recipes that comprise it has been endorsed by author Angela Liddon, who has extensive experience creating specialized dishes for this type of diet.

To facilitate the experience, Oh She Glows has filters to search recipes with specific ingredients, the step by step of each dish in referential images of what the result should be. As a disadvantage compared to other applications, it is a paid app with a value of 2.39 euros.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

In a universe of kitchen recipe apps, each must offer something different and AllRecipes Dinner Spinner has a great advantage in this regard. This app is characterized by showing in a feed those recipes best valued by users. Once you choose one, the step by step of the ingredients shows them on the video to make it easier to reproduce the instructions.

Additionally, AllRecipes Dinner Spinner requests access to our location to recommend the places that sell ingredients that may be useful to us, at the best price.


This app brings together more than 2 million recipes with extensive information so that it is easy to reach the expected result at each step. In addition to all the support content in images and videos, there is an option to add a personalized diet plan, which offers us dishes without ingredients that we do not consume, for taste, allergies or any other reason.


As already noted by its name, it is an application for cooking on the iPhone, only for vegans. Each recipe is composed of ingredients without a trace of animal origin and with a detailed explanation of the steps to follow. It also incorporates a fairly noble tool by offering the energy value of each preparation, to guide those who follow this type of diet, but especially useful for those who are just starting out in this lifestyle.

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