AI And Its Influence On Mobile App Technology

AI is the most amazing and recent evolution in mobile app development. Maybe you only know them through voice assistants like Siri and Alexa but it is everywhere.

What is AI?

AI is a branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines that can perform tasks that usually demand human intelligence. IT replicates or simulates human intelligence. It is defined as any device that can perceive its environment and take action that maximizes its chance of success.

AI focuses on three aspects learning, reasoning, and self-awareness. There are also companies that develop apps for AI :

  • Learning process: This aspect of AI programming focuses on gathering data, creating guidelines on how to turn the data into actionable information. The guidelines also called algorithms provides a step by step process for every task that needs to be performed.
  • Reasoning process: This works on creating the right algorithm to reach the desired output.
  • Self-correction process: This aspect focuses on continuously tuning so they provide the best result possible.

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reactive machines: Most AIs are reactive machines and do not rely on memory or past ideas for their current decision making. It can identify pieces on a chessboard, it can predict moves in the game but it has no concept of past history whatsoever. It has no memory and cannot recall anything that happened previously. Though it always chooses the best possible action among the options.

Limited memory: these machines depend on memory, a good example would be self-driving cars. They observe many cars, roads, lanes, etc and monitor everything to learn the techniques. Though they do not learn from different experiences as humans do after years of driving.

Theory of mind: Theory of mind is a psychological term that means be able to read emotions. This kind of AI understands people their beliefs, emotions, thoughts and can interact just like human beings. They are still in process and will be made in the future.

The self-aware: this machine is so human-like that it has developed self-awareness. It is the most advanced form of AI and is self-explanatory. Conscious beings are aware of themselves, their feelings, emotions. AI eases the process and builds infrastructure so coders can work on it. It makes developers test apps easily without investing a lot of time.

Examples of AI

Automation: Coding takes hours of work manually. AI eases the process and builds infrastructure so coders can work on it. It makes developers test apps easily without investing a lot of time.

Machines: This kind of AI learns from history and previous patterns and makes decisions accordingly. They analyze past patterns and predict the next moves.

Chatbots: They can interact with people just like a human being. If people want to interact with someone they can use chatbots instead.

Voice recognition: So many users rely on voice recognition for getting their daily tasks done. Apps like google assistant, Siri, Alexa have taken it to the next level, you can play songs, search o google, stream videos, send an email, check maps, etc.

It’s the effect on the mobile app?

How AI improves The Mobile App Technology

Better App UX: AI analyzes the user’s behavior patterns and crafts a user experience just for them. This helps provide more engagement and interaction of the user. The end goal of any app developer is to provide better user engagement and app experience and AI helps with that. A majority of apps fail because they cannot provide a good user experience

Better decision making: An average adult looks at their phone for 2.5 hours that means they are making around 3500 decisions in a single day. Smartphones have tremendously helped with that and are only going to get better. AI is helping computers and smartphones to learn from large databases.

AI doesn’t reduce human interaction instead it helps make well-informed decisions. AI takes over those tasks that can be done without human input

Better user experience: Most users these days rely on apps to provide a personalized and exclusive experience to them. Thanks to AI personal experience has never been better. For example, you get personalized notifications, suggestions about products you want to shop based on your previous behavior.AI has more access to your patterns and behaviors than ever, this is what makes it stronger knows what you are doing and will do in the future.There is always some concern about user data and privacy, AI provides proper information a data is being used

Context-driven user experience: Mobiles can detect location but do not help much. AI’s algorithm detects and provides user-centric ideas and messages.

More connection: Mobiles can connect with the user better. AI analyzes the pattern and behaviors on a deeper level. individually with the user. Apps like Siri and Alexa helps the user to rely on the mobile for undertaking tasks according to their needs.

Alexa: Though other apps like google assistants are still trying. Alexa has already built its market and has launched a wide array of products connected to it. Smart home devices are taking over manual work and making lifestyle easier. Alexa helps set alarm, stream videos, and podcasts, making to-do lists, providing news, weather, traffic, sports information, etc.

AI in camera: AI has improved camera quality and has taken it to the next level. AI algorithms help determine modes like panorama, portrait, landscape. It identifies if you are snapping a person or a landscape and provides suitable filters. AI also helps in the facial recognition feature that we use in our phones to unlock.

A better search of images: Makes it easier to find images from your gallery. It finds similar images and keeps them together making the search easier. It also groups images according to the timeline so pictures from the same week, month, day are together.

Daily operations: AI is behind everything. Even a simple task like searching on google requires AI Algorithm that works behind the scene.

AI in cameras and voice assistant is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot that is coming in the future. AI will completely change the way we perceive information, interact, and it is safe to say all the important tasks of human beings will be performed by AI MAchines.

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