Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams

Project management is one of the key factors of handling work these days. Since the volume of work and businesses, across the globe, is increasing, people are preferring a tool that manages this better. Of course, the main reason is that there is less hassle and more visibility.

Marketing people generally need to know what the latest update within the organization is. That enables them to take care of saleability and what needs to be addressed first. The whole marketing plan is dependent upon the latest update that can be provided to the client and how they can sell based on this.

Let us look at some of the best project management software available in the market for marketing:

1. Basecamp

Since forever, basecamp has been the favorite of all project management software. Basecamp has seen more market trends and in a way is a market trendsetter against which all other project management tools are made. The simple way of To-Do lists, scheduling and file-sharing make Basecamp one of the most sort-after project management tools for marketing.

Some of the standard features that Basecamp provides makes it popular with people.

  • It is easy to use. A lot of people find it simple and clean to operate.
  • The features provided in basecamp are not of complicated architecture. Multiple projects can be managed together, and individual task-list can be managed
  • Pricing is a bigger problem. And the simpler pricing module makes life easier for organizations to go for this ancient yet up-to-date project management tool.

Basecamp is good for medium to large-sized organizations. The chances that as an organization as more and more projects enter the equation and expand – so do the chances of having a tool that easily takes in the growth.


This one sounds very much like how we feel every start-of-week. However, it is not for the business to feel Monday; it is for business to save itself from a Monday-like situation. A lot of marketing personnel need such a tool wherein they can instantly create multiple project templates. Timeline planning, tracking, and file management give the one on the front a basic idea regarding what they can sell to a potential client. comes in four different pricing plans and can be easily installed on the system and is also available on the cloud.

Few of the most important things that customers like about is:

  • Easy customization and usage of task boards, workflows and dashboards are available for multiple uses
  • Reporting tools are a must and for marketing managers, this is the handiest tool in the kit. For based on reports, it is easier to talk with a potential customer
  • Customer support is one of the best in and this is the responsiveness one expects out of a project management software is a team-based project management tool and is essential for marketing managers from organizations that are medium to big sized capacity. Strong client interaction ability makes this one of the most sought-after project management tools and a favorite with marketing managers and marketing teams.

3. Workfront

Workfront is relatively the newest and is available on cloud-only. It is an efficient project management tool for managing processes and workflows. Some of the standard processes that it provides are handling demand management (comes extremely handy while dealing with clients), resource and task management, and is an efficient collaboration tool.

Approval management might seem like a fairly, new concept but, for people who are directly dealing with clients and are facing them find that getting approval hands-on makes things easier. When the client and the employee are in constant communication with each other, this type of project management software for marketing managers makes the job easy to capture the requirements and produce an effective output.

Where Workfront is considered there are certain important factors that are useful:

  • Detailed workflows are very important. Most of the marketing is done based on automation and workflows enable us to hit the target spot-on.
  • One of the best things about Workfront is customer support and that is instant and easily approachable
  • Customizations are a must these days and Workfront allows you to have custom-made dashboards, notifications, timesheets, etc.

Complex project work spread across different teams can be easily managed by the Workfront project management tool. Workfront is good for mid-size companies where marketing managers need to interact and speak with a lot of people, teams and external clients.


Most organizations generally, go for project management tools that cover a lot of ground and that new software is not required to integrate. Project management software cohesively takes care of all the factors of work. Project management software often tackles every aspect – including marketing and customer management too. The three management software mentioned above is currently ruling the project management software world.

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