Choosing A ZenRows Alternative

Web scraping has become an essential practice for businesses and individuals seeking valuable data and insights, but it is more common to get blocked nowadays. As a result, the need to use web scraping APIs has also increased. If you are looking for a ZenRows alternative, this article is here to help.

We will explore other options while providing a comprehensive comparison of their features, advantages, and drawbacks. By the end, you will have a clearer picture of which alternative best suits your web scraping needs to make an informed decision. Let’s dive into the details and discover which web scraping API best meets your needs.

ZenRows Overview

What sets ZenRows apart from its competitors is its robust anti-bot bypass toolkit. It ensures that scraping tasks are completed successfully without being disturbed by anti-bot measures.

It includes:

  • Rotating proxies, which dynamically switch IP addresses via which your requests are made, and it helps to conceal your true location and avoid blocking.
  • CAPTCHA bypass tool, you do not have to bother about encountering puzzles, scrambled letters, or other CAPTCHA methods.
  • Headless browser.
  • WAF bypass.

Also, with its toolkit, you get other features that are essential in avoid getting blocked.

ZenRows has different plans to suit developers and enterprises, beginning from $49/month, and only charges per successful request.

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ZenRows Alternative: ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee is another web scraping service that enables data extraction from websites. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ScrapingBee simplifies the process of scraping data for beginners and experienced users.


  • Simple interface that makes it easy to use to for beginners.
  • Compatibility with dynamic/JavaScript-rendered content.
  • Proxy rotation.


  • The proxy plans offered do not include private IPs.

ZenRows vs ScrapingBee

  • Performance: ScrapingBee poses as a slower option when the requests increase, compared to ZenRows. Also, ZenRows has better anti-bot bypass capabilities compared to ScrapingBee.
  • Support: ScrapingBee has more documentation, while ZenRows’ live support is more dedicated.
  • Pricing: Although ScrapingBee and ZenRows’ pricing plans both start from a monthly fee of $49/month, ZenRows offers more value for money. While ScrapingBee gives 150,000 API credits and allows only 5 concurrent requests, ZenRows gives 250,000 API credits and allows up to 10 concurrent requests.

ZenRows Alternative: BrightData

BrightData is a proxy seller that has a small product for web scraping and data collection that comes up with several features with unblocking capabilities.


  • BrightData has the largest proxy network compared to all its alternatives.
  • Unblocking features, such as for CAPTCHA and IP blocking.


  • Focused on proxies.
  • Serving specifically enterprises, so it is not so suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

ZenRows vs BrightData

  • Performance: Although BrightData has a larger proxy pool, ZenRows surpasses BrightData when it comes to web scraping performance. ZenRows’ advanced anti-bot bypass toolkit allows for seamless scraping on even the most challenging websites, making it the superior choice for extracting valuable data.
  • Proxy network: Both ZenRows and BrightData have a global proxy network, but ZenRows’ network is less large. BrightData has rotating proxies in every country while ZenRows covers about 190 countries. However, both proxy pools are big enough to allow massive scraping.
  • Price: ZenRows is more affordable than BrightData. BrightData’s plans begin at $500/month; while ZenRows’ plans start from $49/month.

ZenRows Alternative: Oxylabs

Oxylabs is another prominent provider of web scraping and data-gathering solutions. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Oxylabs and how it differs from ZenRows.


  • Anti-blocking features, like rotating proxies, CAPTCHA solving, and others.
  • An extensive proxy pool with over 100 million IPs.
  • Fast response time and high success rate.


  • Oxylabs is quite pricey, charging $300 for 20 GB, which means $15 per 1GB.
  • Setting it up can be a bit challenging for some users.

ZenRows vs Oxylabs

  • The highest success rate for web scraping is on ZenRows’ side.
  • ZenRows has rotating proxies in about 190 countries, while Oxylabs has in 195 countries.
  • ZenRows is a more affordable and complete option.


ZenRows emerges as the best solution for effective data extraction. With its packed anti-bot bypass toolkit, ZenRows guarantees successful scraping activities even on the most sophisticated websites. Alongside its comprehensive plans that offer significant value for money and excellent customer support, this sets ZenRows apart from the competition as the ultimate tool for efficient web scraping.

Review sites like Capterra show a 5.0 rating of the ZenRows tool by users compared to other alternatives, validating its reputation and reliability. While other competitors have their strengths, ZenRows stands as the clear winner for web scraping purposes.

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