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Cloud Computing is a general term used to refer to the delivery of on-demand resources and services over the Internet. You need a little description to understand the concept of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing uses the computing and storage capacities of several remote computers linked to each other on the same network. Your data and now your applications are then hosted in a “cloud” of computers and no longer on one or more local computers or on your workstation.

The Internet is a good example of Cloud Computing, the pages you surf on are not stored on your pc but on a remote server networked with thousands of other servers.

Cloud Computing today offers sophisticated services (online software, data backup, etc.) that can be used at will from anywhere in the world from the moment you have an Internet connection.

The Cloud represents a trend shift, instead of obtaining functionalities and computing power by acquiring hardware and software, we prefer to use computing power and storage made available by a supplier via its Web browser.

Cloud Computing – Guidelines Of The Article

Guidelines - Cloud Computing

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Benfits of Writing a Guest Post To Tech Smashers

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