Cloud Web Integration: Why Your Business Needs It

Once the right cloud hosting provider has been found, the next question for the organization to solve is the one related to cloud web integration. This is a challenge that must be overcome in order to enjoy the cost advantage and flexibility typically associated with SaaS solutions and other web-based applications, which, if not resolved, can affect both adoption and deployment.

Web Cloud: When Integration Is Most Needed

With the acquisition of each new SaaS application, business data is segregated into cloud silos. This problem increases in complexity if you take into account the number of providers in the SaaS market, which is increasing, and the ease of obtaining such services.

But there is no company that can move forward without the support of cloud web integration, as doing so could not guarantee unified user experience. In fact, the search for integration should be done at different levels of the web cloud environment, among which the following stand out:

  • Cloud web data integration: The information must be centralized and, to achieve this, a solution must be found that improves and simplifies the data integration processes: The right software will be an option with comprehensive and easy-to-use capabilities. Additionally, you are interested in opting for the most intuitive alternatives, which include wizards, preconfigured solution templates, bulk ingests and ready-to-use mappings. The right choice will soon drive an increase in productivity.
  • Cloud web application integration: When this objective is achieved, it is possible to automate business processes, accelerate transactions and enable analysis, preferably in real-time. When choosing the solution to integrate applications in the cloud, you must focus on the most reliable providers and choose the options capable of supporting all integration patterns, including the integration of multiple clouds and hybrids, and all their data sets, types of users and endpoints.
  • Management of web cloud APIs: With a good API manager, you can develop, publish, and manage APIs to organize business processes that span multiple clouds and local systems inside and outside firewalls. The result is being able to enjoy a wide range of API-enabled data manipulation and access capabilities.
  • Cloud Integration Hub: This perspective of cloud web integration enables modernizing complex data integrations by providing a better way to integrate multiple SaaS applications in the cloud and on-premises. Such a decision leads to improved consistency and trust in data, allowing business and IT teams to collaborate seamlessly and be more productive.

As important as making the best entry choices in the cloud environment is understanding what cloud web integration means, as well as the different integration perspectives that exist and the reasons why they are necessary for companies working in the cloud.

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