The Content Marketing Strategies Your Brand Needs

Captivate the audience. Highlight our competition business. All entrepreneurs seek these goals. But the problem is how to get it. It is not easy to produce ideas that are successful. One of the methods that has been revealed most effective is content marketing. Its function is to create, publish and distribute relevant content to attract customers. But do you know how to do it? If you want, we invite you to continue reading this post in which we are going to discuss the subject. Our goal is to put the content marketing strategies your brand needs in a tray.

What Are The Content Marketing Strategies Your Brand Needs?

Content marketing is distributed through social networks, blogs, videos, … That is, on the Internet. We give you an example: you have a business, but you are not doing very well. You don’t sell One day you decide to create a website to promote yourself a little. And, in addition to hanging photos from the store, you start writing posts. Your articles are very good and your website receives many visits, and the ranking will be higher in Google. Well, that’s it! You have managed to implement effective content marketing strategies. Thanks to your content, when someone searches for products such as what is sold in your store, Google will give you the name of your brand.

Does it seem easy? Yes but no. What we just linked is a simple example of what content marketing means. And I have exposed it to you because I want to make you see that if you take advantage of the opportunities, it will help you to sell and attract customers. But you have to do it right. How? The experts of the specialized magazine in the world of business and finance, Forbes, published a series of marketing recommendations. And his first advice was to look for a niche.

That is, the first of the content marketing strategies is positioning . To be located in that market that you think must be exploited, in which there is still a gap. You have to ask yourself, what am I going to write? Why? And for whom it will be useful if I publish this content? Will I meet the public that interests me? That is, my potential clients? If not, what is the use? If you need help, a trick that always works is to look at the competition. Analyze them and detect what they lack. Do you miss anything? … Well, that’s it. You already have it! There is nothing better than looking around for ideas to emerge.

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Another Content Marketing Strategy Your Brand Needs: Highlight

Never a single word meant so much. They are only eight letters, but what a mess they have put us !. If you want to do a good content marketing you have to differentiate yourself from the rest. All your content must bring clear value to consumers. That is the objective: that interests them. The key to differentiate your brand is not to talk about yourself, but to really put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience. Understand me well: that you don’t talk about yourself doesn’t mean you don’t share your experience. If you are a good professional, with years of work, what you can contribute is exceptional. And I advise you to take advantage of it, but I mean that Internet users will visit your website only if they are interested in what you have inside.


A good example of content marketing strategies will begin by thinking about how you can lend a cable to users. Give him answers. Answer your questions. In recent years, SEO has changed. It no longer values ​​the keywords (keywords) in isolation. Now, to position your page in Google’s search list, what matters are the contents and what acceptance they have among Internet users. That is, they must be interesting content, appreciated by the public.

Highlighting also has a visual aspect. If you want to convey professionalism, your page should be easy to read, understand and share. Another thing to keep in mind are the smartphone . Most of the times we surf the Internet we do it through the mobile phone. Don’t you do it Well, others too. And what happens? Well, if you find yourself, for example, a very large vertical photo, you spend a lot of time scrolling. That is, sliding the screen up or down. You may not be aware of this problem on the computer, but it is important.

It is essential that the design of your website is responsive . That is adapted to the small screen. If not, I’m sorry. You will miss many visits. If your page is not operational on the smartphone, many will not visit you again.

Another content marketing strategy your brand needs: Have fun
One of the best ways to position yourself with your website is by making a varied and fun product. Do not let the monotony or a structure too iron dominate your page. As content marketing strategies, it includes specialized surveys that you can then use to create beautiful graphics. Add well edited videos . With them, the chances of your audience paying attention to your content will be greatly increased. The image has a powerful force and catches like no other. The same goes for tutorials.

I imagine that at this point in the post you are asking yourself another question. More or less it will sound like this: And I do all this alone? It is not convenient. Content marketing needs labor. In this sense, I can give you many answers but a common one: there is no universal structure to form a content marketing team. Depending on the size of the company, more or less people will be dedicated to it. Let’s give the example that you are starting and have created a Startup . You have no team and you have to do the work all by yourself. What would your functions be? The following:

  • Create content . Here are the texts or posts, photos, videos, tutorials, the infographics, etc.
  • Optimize content for SEO.
  • Manage social networks
  • Are you able to do all that? I suppose not. It is too much, and the results would not be very satisfactory either. That’s why, on average, a small business has a content marketing team of 3 people.

A medium-sized company generally has 9. And a large company can reach 18 people or more and have a very substantial budget. The differences between them are noted in the results.

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