Digital Education Tools For Teachers And Students

It is no secret that technology plays a vital part in our everyday lives. That is also the case in the educational field. In today’s digital society, students of all ages are becoming more and more reliant on digital tools. In a classroom of mixed ages, it is crucial for teachers to provide a space where the new generation of learners can be successful by using what they know the best – technology. Educators can help build deep connections with students and facilitate better standards of interactions within the classroom by transitioning from old-style learning to the technology-driven classroom by embracing this change themselves.

The use of tech items doesn’t always have to negatively affect students and distract their minds off of studies. Using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets in the classroom can be utilized in a positive learning process as well. The rapidly expanding accessibility and advancement of technology have availed teachers the unique opportunity of taking advantage of those gadgets that were once deemed as distracting. Teachers can now use these electronic devices to expedite academic achievement in innovative ways. These devices can be used in the classroom to engage students in fun and interactive activities that keep them connected to lessons and increase critical thinking skills. Education has taken a major technological turn, and teachers must find innovative ways to embrace it in order to serve their students at a high level.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused classroom teaching to be put off for quite a long time and made teachers and students shift to online classes. But thanks to technology – the endeavor of taking online classes via various apps and sites like has been proven successful. In fact, not just classroom teaching, online tutoring jobs have also been made easy with the advent of the latest digital tools used for educational purposes. There are a variety of tools in today’s world that enable educators to teach online and keep the students engaged in the learning process. To teach effectively, teachers need to choose the right tool. It should appeal to young learners, be relevant, and most importantly, be easy to use.

The six digital learning tools included below provide the certainty of success with their innovation quotient and cost-effective pedagogy that can bring about a change in the way teachers teach and students learn.


Prezi is a proficient digital software for creating persuasive and interactive presentations, which provides its users with the opportunities to create high-quality presentations for sharing with others. The software’s greatest advantage is its innovative zoom-based navigation, which enables the user to move freely between topics and subtopics without hiccups or hang-ups. This simple, convenient way of creating presentations leads to more effective, more persuasive, more engaging presentations.


Thinglink is an excellent interactive tool that allows teachers to create images using sounds, music, photographs, and texts that can be shared on the web or on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Thinglink makes images more engaging, therefore improving the communication skill of students.


Projeqt lets students and teachers bring powerful, interactive presentations directly into the classroom to engage and assess learners. With Projeqt, students can access presentations from anywhere at any time, and teachers can monitor activities and provide instant feedback. Teachers and students may combine online information with content they have created themselves, creating a dynamic presentation that can include live blog feeds, tweets, quizzes, videos, and more.


TED-Ed is a free platform for lesson plans, educational tool kits, and a community of teachers, animators, and others who want to make the world smarter. From teachers to students to animators, you are able to collaborate in the learning process of others by creating your own lessons with TED-Ed, remixing what someone else has done, or reviewing the ones that have already been completed.


Edmodo is a free learning tool that connects teachers and students in a digital classroom. Teachers can create online groups, measure student performance, send assignments, and communicate with parents. Through Edmodo, teachers can create their own Twitter-like groups to provide content and learning materials and use tools such as webinars, online whiteboards, message forums, and quizzes to engage students.


ClassDojo helps improve student behavior and boosts learning through instantaneous feedback and rewards. Students are rewarded for working collaboratively, taking responsibility for their peers’ actions, and helping others to learn. Positive reinforcement through points and emoticons gets students moving and enhances the learning process. ClassDojo is a free, simple, and effective teaching innovation.

With these digital tools, students can build their knowledge and skills in a gamified format, and at the same time, teachers can integrate these tools in their classrooms for an enhanced learning experience. Technology for education is a common objective and a challenge for teachers and students. Interactive technology tools for education encourage the curiosity of the students, boost their engagement, and lead to better learning and comprehension.

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