Five Cloud Security Concerns To Watch Out For This Year

Working in the cloud has a lot to offer. It’s a good way to save money and time. Moreover, clouds are a reliable service. Businesses—whether they offer security, e-commerce, streaming, or important services like car insurance and mortgages—use the cloud in some way to run their operation. They can store a lot of data and you can do many different things within a cloud framework. Whether it’s deploying buckets or containers to run software as a service applications or merely using the cloud as a repository is secure storage. Clouds are also very scalable, meaning they can be changed, altered, or adjusted to meet your business needs. This offers a lot of value when you’re trying to expand and develop new ideas or overcome fresh challenges. Here are five cloud security concerns to look out for as you expand your cloud operations this year.

Migration Security

Migration workloads to the cloud is essential for any business using a hybrid cloud solution. Regulatory compliance, privacy, automation, misconfiguration, and privileged access are but a few of the many things developers have to consider when migrating workloads to the cloud. Some ways to enhance security during migration are to implement identity and management protocols, restrict access, and double check configurations. Misconfiguration is one of the biggest cloud security challenges. Every team should also have a robust information security strategy in place in order to prevent data from leaking or finding its way into the wrong hands. Reinforcing a strong sense of security standards is really the only way to secure your cloud migration, so be sure to set up a robust system and follow precisely.


If there’s one repeated theme you’ll find in cloud security, it’s restricting and controlling access. This extends to cloud containers. Containers—self-contained images that hold cloud apps and their functioning components—are one of the most high value programs you can deploy within a cloud environment. They’re also a security risk if proper protocol is not followed. Securing your images registries are the most vital parts of container security. These two areas are crucial to any proper cybersecurity protocol. Runtime security is crucial because it pertains to everything you’re going to be doing with the program. That means you need to make sure the security at the Target is robust while also using secure endpoints in your API. Deployment security. This means only exposing ports that the application actually uses and utilizing TLS to bolster communication security.

Increased Supply Chain Attacks

Unless you’ve been hanging out today retreats unexposed to the outside world for the last year or so, then you know of the prevalent threat to supply chains worldwide happening right now. There are supply chain shortages across the board due to raw materials issues, manufacturing trouble, and supply chain bottlenecks at ports. But there’s also an increase in supply chain based attacks from hackers all over the world. Attacks can happen through tools like Docker or Kubernetes. Securing back end operations, ensuring everything is up to date including firmware and software, and staying up to date with cybersecurity best practices are critical to reducing the impact of supply chain attacks.


Over the past few years, data breaches and identity theft have been on the rise. Target. Facebook. Equifax. Ransomware on the Colonial Pipeline. Everyone from consumers to essential businesses have been impacted negatively by attackers. Breaches are probably one of the worst attack vectors right now. Some security best practices that can help prevent breaches are:

  • Using multi factor authentication
  • Using a mix of traditional security (firewall, antivirus, and so on) with reinforced hybrid cloud security solutions
  • Classifying data
  • Understanding what type of days you have
  • Knowing data location
  • Restricting and controlling access
  • Identity and authentication
  • Administrators should have their own controlled accounts
  • Log everything
  • Perform regular risk assessments
  • Conform to Compliance Standards, including HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and PCI

By being proactive and trying to prevent breaches before they can occur, you’ll be able to secure your cloud perfunctorily and comprehensively.

Issues With SaaS Security

Sometimes, issues with Software as a Service can put a wrench in the collective works of an organization. Companies need role-based management and access to secure any of their SaaS operations. Using an automated policy-based system is the best way to do this because it eliminates custom coding and makes it easier to run native apps in the software. You can also use a cloud management platform to help eliminate/reduce issues with SaaS security on your iphone.

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