Here Are 7 Steps Test Before Choosing Used-mac

Choosing a second-hand mac can save your bucks but can be risky as heck. Certain loopholes or unauthentic login can send an invitation to cybercriminals to land in your area and steal or damage the information. Therefore, it is important to stay active and alert all the time, especially when you are buying a used Macbook. Even there are certain weak points that can harm your bank account with regular repairs. Hence, considering your concern, here we have mentioned some easy steps to conduct an investigation while buying a used Macbook.

1. Check For Damages

While purchasing used-macbook, conduct an end-to-end investigation to find damages. Find out scratches or loose screws that harm your mac’s physical appearance. Even if the user conducts unauthorized repairs, you will get a chance to negotiate on that point. With these, check edges or displays and things to find any defect or something left undercover. 

2. Check How Old Is Mac

Getting information about Mac models is great. But you should be aware of finding your mac details. If you’re a newbie and looking for how to find the serial number on a macbook just follow the step-by-step guide with a click. Moreover, you can also click on “Apple Logo” in the menu bar then on “About This Mac”. you will get exact specifications, including processor, RAM, video card. 

3. Booting Is Important

When choosing a used machine, make sure it must be able to start properly and MacOS able to load all the way to desktop pictures. If you find your system is unable to boot properly after trying all the possible ways of starting mac, the best tip is to quit that MacBook deal. Otherwise, you need to bear a high cost for repair. 

4. Check All Ports Working

Checking all the ports is one of the easiest jobs. All you need to have a USB and insert it in every port. If the system is unable to connect, means there is an issue in port. Find its repairing cost and look for bargaining scope. 

5. Disable Firmware Password

Firmware passwords protect the system from unwanted threats. Therefore, every apple user sets passwords to secure important information. But, when you are buying, make sure past owners disabled firmware passwords. Now, it is your turn to add a new password for your system safety. 

6. Run A Keyboard Test

The keyboard is an important part of the system, without it, you cannot accomplish your task. Therefore, when choosing a used system, conduct keyboard testing. You can open a notepad or Microsoft Word and start typing. Look at the result after pressing each word. 

7. Check The Battery

Mac is known for its extensive battery life. So, while looking into other details of Mac do not forget battery health. For this, go to Apple Menu > system information> click on Power. You will see a drop-down box on the left side. Check battery health information from there. Keep in mind, you will see cycle count information, it must be between 300 to 1000, less the count number the better it will be for buying. 

Bottom Line

Keeping in mind the above information helps you to select the right mac for your personal or professional needs. Again, never forget to check the serial number as most sellers try to hide it and provide accurate information about the system. But your little awareness can help you to save savings. 

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