Houston Car Accident: Factors For Hiring An Attorney

Car accidents and crashes are not rare on the roads of Texas. In fact, the state reported one of the highest numbers of fatal auto accidents in the US in 2019. Following an accident in Houston, you are required to report the same to the local police (or nearest sheriff’s office) at the earliest. This is mandatory as per Texas laws if there was death, injury, or considerable property damage involved. Also, consider seeing a doctor, even if you believe that your injuries are not that severe. Once the dust settles and before you talk about a settlement with the insurance company, consider hiring a Houston car accident attorney. Below are some factors to consider before you hire a lawyer.

  • Experience. Not all personal injury lawyers have the experience of working on auto accident cases. The scope of personal injury law in Texas is huge, encompassing everything from medical malpractice to product defect cases. Make sure that you check the expertise of the attorney with regard to car accident claims. You can ask about their top cases, settlements, and landmark wins.
  • Trial experience. While most accident cases are settled through negotiations, some matters must be pursued further. If the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement or your claim is denied on flimsy grounds, your lawyer must file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer’s courtroom confidence could be the most important factor in such circumstances. You can ask the attorney as to how frequently they go to court for accident cases.
  • Costs of the case. Personal injury lawyers in Houston usually take accident cases on a contingency basis. The attorney will only ask for their fee – a percentage of the final settlement – only if you win a financial settlement. While experienced attorneys can charge a tad more, the general range is between 25% and 40%. Make sure that you read the fine print of the costs, including their fee.
  • Availability. Ask the attorney if they are available to take your case in the first place. Multiple attorneys often work for the same law firm, and therefore, the attorney you meet for the initial consultation may not take your case. What matters the most is to have direct access to the attorney. You should be able to ask questions and discuss facts of the case as and when needed.

Find an accident attorney soon after the crash to get a free assessment of your claim.

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