Not Just Home Automation: How AI Can Change Real Estate

The experience of the home, from research to everyday life, is undergoing a paradigm shift: artificial Intelligence can, in fact, guarantee today not only an improved and innovative research experience but also a competitive advantage for operators in the sector, capable of revolutionizing real estate. And it is no longer just about domotics and smart homes, including lighting, temperature regulation, and remote control of devices.

From Planning To Interior Design

Architects and engineers use AI-based tools for building design today, exploiting the calculation capabilities of these technologies to develop various options starting from certain variables, such as the volume available. With AI, for example, aspects such as size and sizing of the property can be defined.

In this way, it is also possible to identify the most suitable property type for the public looking for a home in a given context. In later stages, even when the house is inhabited, AI-based tools can help in the case of renovations or changes in decor. “In particular, thanks to augmented reality. it is possible to see the results before any intervention.

Predictive Analytics: Looking To The Future To Act In The Present

The real estate market presents numerous complexities, with the fluctuations to which it is subject and the variables that can influence it, which, however, Artificial Intelligence can manage and even transform into opportunities. How to estimate the value of a property in the long term? What are the main trends that will emerge in the market? AI-based data analysis systems allow operators to improve and streamline the decision-making process, basing it on enormous amounts of data and on a capacity for analysis and forecasting future scenarios.

Target Segmentation: Creating The Perfect Match

It is clear to all operators in the sector that carefully selecting one’s target allows one to improve outcomes while minimizing costs and time. Artificial Intelligence adds the element of automation to this process, improving the profiling systems and using different channels. An advantage is also for the customer, who doesn’t waste time with proposals he is not interested in.

New technologies allow real estate agencies to enhance their services by increasingly perfecting their knowledge of the market and responding more punctually and flexibly to specific needs. Today it is possible to anticipate the needs of those looking for a home efficiently and rationally, all thanks to data. Thanks to this data, we know more about the customer than he knows about himself”.

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CRM: Relationship Is Key

When AI enters the relationship with customers, the first advantage is the automation of numerous operations, which greatly benefits the customer experience. Customers can solve minor requests at any time and quickly, and the company can satisfy several users simultaneously. Also, CRM (Custom Relationship Management) integrated with AI can become an additional tool for collecting useful data, allowing you to maximize the positive impact of interactions.

Sentiment Analysis: How To Enhance The Subjective Dimension

Sentiment analysis is the application of AI that makes it possible to analyze the emotional tone of a text, such as a comment on social media, an email, or a review, qualifying it as positive, neutral, or negative. The data collected and interpreted in this way – which, thanks to AI, reaches enormous amounts – add new information to the picture available to operators in the sector, in particular for experiences related to purchasing behavior, which is combined, for example, with personal or economic variables – financial and data such as the number of transactions by type of property in a certain period.

“Data, yes, but people always remain at the center – Tilesi comments – and searching for a home is a moment with a strong emotional impact. We cannot ignore the emotional and economic investment that is made in a house, and Artificial Intelligence helps us give it the right weight”.

Property Management: Prevention Is Better Than Repair

Maintenance costs money, and doing it inefficiently costs even more: AI can help not only keep track of the state of the building and the necessary interventions on a more or less regular basis but also to predict those that will be necessary for the future, anticipating any problems and thus greatly reducing costs.

Scheduled maintenance does not consider the actual conditions of the building in real-time and forces a reactive approach in the event, for example, of breakdowns. Artificial Intelligence allows this perspective to be reversed and favors proactive property management, enhancing the data continuously and normally produced by management processes.

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