How Does The Consumer Move On The Web?

Have you ever wondered if the consumer’s path is linear or quite the opposite?

  • I need something, and I look for it, and I buy it.
  • It doesn’t work like that.
  • If I see an advertisement for a product that interests me, I view it and buy it.
  • It is wrong to think that the buying process on the Internet is straightforward.

Our purchasing process is complex and subject to many variables we must be aware of.

Often we don’t feel the need for something until this need is stimulated; other times, we know what we need, but we can’t get that something immediately (e.g., car, house, travel) because first, we have to do careful research comparing the various offers of the market.

The purchasing path is different based on the sector of interest and type of person; in any case, it is essential to make the most of all the communication and promotional resources of the new and traditional media. For the web, the simplest model is described by Google as follows:

The consumer’s journey starts from Awareness, i.e., the Awareness of the existence of the product or service through some advertising, word of mouth, or a Google search. From here begins the Consideration, i.e., the Consideration of the purchase, the verification of the various hypotheses, and the collection of information. Then, finally, we come to Intent and Decision: the first is the actual will to buy, and the second is the purchase decision.

Establishing a duration for this process is complex: it can last from a few minutes to days and even months. Because? Also, in this case, there are many variables: it depends on the reference sector, but also on the urgency of the stimulus to which we are subjected, on our need for that service/product, and on all the other elements that influence our choices.

What If We Are The Seller?

How do we make the customer choose us in the end? It’s about having an integrated communication strategy that can make the difference for the customer between choosing our competitor and us. We can start by creating more contact points with the customer, but then we need other strategies.

Establishing contact with your targets gives them a clearer idea of ​​their purchasing journey and allows you to influence their final decision with points in your favor. But when the advertising stimuli of our competitors already bombard the consumer, how do we stand out with our brand? We must not underestimate the importance of the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (it’s not enough to tell yourself, “I have a nice Facebook page!”)
  • creation of partnerships
  • SEM
  • Content Marketing

The web is a world of infinite possibilities, so we can’t limit ourselves to just one channel, one tactic to build an asset to our business. As we have already said, many factors influence human choices; sometimes, they take a long time and are complex. Today The Net Is A Continuous Relationship.

How Are Relationships Built?

We must know how to be found, intrigue, and bring the consumer closer to our reality. A site is not sufficient for the presence of our online business. Sure, it’s essential, but everyone has it now. It’s just a starting requirement to enter the world of the Internet’s infinite possibilities.

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How Do We Make A Difference?

At this precise juncture, it’s not luck that plays, but the whole series of strategies we mentioned earlier allows us to send the right message at the right time to the right person.

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