How Should Cybersecurity Be Integrated Into The Overall Security Strategy?

Talking about security strategy in a company and not including cybersecurity is a mistake that organizations cannot allow, since today’s main vulnerabilities come from cyberspace.

Generally, the cybersecurity department has depended on the IT department. However, this trend is changing because the cybersecurity policy must be embedded in the general security strategy.

Although the number of physical security breaches have decreased in recent years, the number of cyberattacks have increased every year. It seems clear that the trend is to attack the assets of an organization using potential gaps in IT infrastructure. The increase in cyberattacks has a close relationship with IT infrastructure.

Main focus of the strategy

For this reason, cybersecurity should not only be taken into account as one more part of the corporate security strategy. Cybersecurity now has to be incorporated into a holistic security strategy with its physical security counterpart, and has to be factored in when assessing commercial access control solutions. It must be remembered that this strategy’s mission is to identify, eliminate and manage the dangers that threaten a company so that to be effective it must be perfectly coordinated at all levels.

On one hand, there are the physical elements: video surveillance cameras, installation of motion sensors, new alarms. On the other, cybernetic elements: firewalls, antimalware, network security. Both groups are increasingly related, since the control of physical elements is carried out with technologies that allow them to operate and communicate with the system. This means that they run the risk of being attacked and hacked, causing a security breach by criminals.

Therefore, each of the decisions must have a comprehensive approach defined by a single objective. Thus, the work of those responsible for physical security and cybersecurity (they may be the same) need to be fully coordinated, as only then will they be effective.

Continuous evolution

Although “traditional” security is adapting to new demands little by little, everything related to cyber and physical security evolves much rapidly. Not surprisingly, cyberattacks evolve at the pace that technology does. In 2020, it is estimated that there were more than 550,000 cyber attacks a day on the planet, many of them directed at companies, which gives a good example of the magnitude of the problem.

For this reason, many organizations are working to better focus their protection objectives by integrating their cybersecurity strategy with their overall security. Information is one of the greatest assets of companies and safeguarding it is essential, so many of the attacks are aimed at it. In other words, cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects that every modern organization should have. That will ensure their safety is in ideal conditions, at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hopefully this article will be of use to you. Thanks for reading!

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How Should Cybersecurity Be Integrated Into The Overall Security Strategy?

Talking about security strategy in a company and not including cybersecurity is a mistake that organizations cannot allow, since today’s main vulnerabilities come from...

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