How To Check If Your Computer Systems Are Secure

Often you can fall into the mistake of considering the antivirus as a universal protector for your computer equipment. Certainly, having a good antivirus allows you to have all your systems safely, but are you sure it’s the only weapon at your disposal to protect yourself from digital intruders such as malware? Several tricks you can take to increase your IT protection, and many are truly within everyone’s reach; all you need is order and perseverance. We are talking about basic procedures such as:

  • PC password change
  • Changing the password of your online registrations and your mailbox access credentials
  • Change the password of your internet network
  • Driver update
  • Updating of operating systems

Perhaps some will seem complicated to you, such as updating an operating system, but keeping your login credentials in order is essential to create barriers to data theft attempts.

In this article, we will give you five tips to increase your computer security, and some tips.

Protect Your Pc: 5 Simple Security Tips

Speaking of passwords, one of the most serious and common mistakes you can make is to save a text file with passwords in your computer’s memory and call it PASSWORD YOUR NAME. Worse still, anyone can log in and take a simple photo on the desktop. Let’s see how you can increase computer security and protect your PC with five simple steps.

Change Your WiFi Name And Password Frequently

Making the name and passcode of your network and routers more complicated creates a barrier to anyone trying to break into your data network. Generally, there is a tendency to keep the default name from the Internet service provider, but this makes it easier to trace a password because it already provides one of the two authentication elements, namely the username.

Cyclically Change Your Computer Or Mailbox Access Credentials

Every three months, every four, it’s up to you, but try to do it as often as possible. Don’t choose passwords linked to birthdays, anniversaries, or names. Build your access codes in a way that you would need help remembering. Use asterisks, pound signs and punctuation to break up your words and numbers.

Make Updates

When you see those alerts on your desktop and every time you click the cross to close them, alerts that remind you that you’re using an outdated version of a program, you’d better open them. Of course, you can be afraid of making some mistakes, but fortunately, in computer science, everything (or almost) is recoverable. Each time a driver update is released, it fixes bugs and errors in previous versions, increasing your computer security.

Always Use The Same Hardware, Especially At Work

We mean external hard drives and USB memory sticks: you need to know what’s in other people’s equipment or if your computer is perfectly protected. The risk of inserting your customer’s USB stick into the port of your office computer is high, a virus could be transferred, and one of the most serious risks is bringing the computer to factory conditions and losing data essential for your profession.


Precisely for the reasons just mentioned. Creating backup copies saves you in extreme situations where you have to intervene to format the computer’s hard drive or reinstall the operating system. These five computer tips are simple but very effective in protecting your data from external intrusions and accidental deletions.

Antivirus: Protect Your Pc From External Intrusions

Antivirus is also needed to keep your computer safe. A good latest generation antivirus, free or paid, analyzes your online and offline sessions by learning your computer habits through machine learning and uses them intelligently to prevent external intrusions. It is not science fiction but the fruit of evolution and technological innovation in recent years.

These artificial intelligence systems are protecting the IT equipment of the largest companies.

We have carried out an analysis of the trends of the best antiviruses for 2021, and it has emerged that to choose the product that best suits your needs, you must always consider the essential presence of the following:

  • Firewall protection
  • Secure VPN network
  • Encrypted browsers
  • Password manager (as you see, updates are critical)

A good antivirus, such as Bitdefender, protects your data from potential threats and works for you while you are carrying out your online activities without affecting the performance of your computer.

IT Professional Services: Why Rely On Experts To Protect Your PC?

Protecting your data and equipment is essential, starting with the precautions mentioned above, such as antivirus and a disciplined attitude to IT security. An IT consultant, a computer security professional, identifies the assets to be protected in your company and organizes the protection and maintenance of hardware and software based on your business needs. He can take care of the following:

  • Installing firewalls in your systems
  • Antivirus scan monitoring
  • Carry out and verify the integrity of your company’s backups
  • Implementation of new customized IT solutions
  • Data protection according to the regulations of the Privacy Guarantor

A professional IT service works remotely and can intervene in your presence according to your needs, guaranteeing constant and continuous protection and support.

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