How To Choose Colors For A Website

Yes, the first impression is what matters. To attract your user’s attention and convince them to take a specific action, you must also pay close attention to the colors of your website. We explain how to choose them! Yes, (also) the first impression is what matters. When you create a website, there are many elements that you need to take into consideration to create a product capable of achieving its goal and communicating the exact message you intend to convey to users.

In addition to the website structure and content, great attention must be paid to the design. All, absolutely all, the visual elements of your website must be chosen and matched to each other in such a way as to talk about you, your identity and lead the user to action.

The Choice Affects The User’s Judgment

One of the often underestimated elements when creating a website is the choice of colors to use. Yet this is an important decision when you consider that the human brain takes the time of the blink of an eye to make a personal judgment on what it has just seen. Therefore, you will understand well that you cannot have doubts about the importance of the colors with which you decide to customize your website. And I’ll tell you more. The choice is somewhat delicate. Which colors are the best? How do you choose which ones to use? Based on what considerations? Let’s have some clarity.

What Are Colors Used For?

Colors are a precious ally for your web marketing strategy because they allow you to:

  • Communicate your brand identity and your personality with immediacy and consistency;
  • Make you easily identifiable and distinguishable;
  • Encourage users to remember you;
  • Excite your user;
  • Induce your potential customers to take the action you want.

In short, the potential that colors reserve for you is genuinely enormous, and neglecting them is a severe mistake.

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The Seven Factors That Determine The Choice Of Colors For Your Website

How to choose colors for your website? What precautions to use? What factors to consider?

Your Brand Identity

It all starts with your identity. Who are you? What are your core values? What are your distinctive features? These are the basics to rely on when deciding on your website colors.

Your Brand Image

Brand identity is about your intimate and personal sphere. Brand Image is about how your Brand Identity is perceived externally. The colors of your website must be consistent with the perception that your target audience has of you.

Your Target

Who are the people you are addressing? Carefully study your target, their needs, tastes, needs. And, fundamental thing in choosing the colors to use for your website, consider the culture of belonging of your users. Because? I’ll give you an example. The white color in Western countries is the color of birth, life, marriage, therefore evokes new beginnings and positive emotions. But sure that this is also the case in the rest of the world? No. In China, white is the color of death and mourning.

The Goal You Intend To Achieve

The choice of colors to use also varies depending on the goal you want to achieve. Do you like your user to relax once landed on your website? Or do you want me to take action? The most suitable colors are green and blue, calm and calm colors in the first case. In the second, red and orange, bright and electrifying colors.

The Product Or Service You Offer

Not all colors are suitable for all products or services. Think, for example, of black: would you see it well in the case of a bakery? Or think about the color red: would it be suitable for a wellness center website, in your opinion?

The Color Combinations

Another fundamental aspect is the number of colors you decide to use to create your website (my advice is not to exceed because you would end up only creating confusion) and the color combinations, which must be harmonious and never discordant. Or the user will be happy to leave your website!

The Psychology Of Color

This is another essential aspect. Each color arouses particular emotions, evokes dreams, desires, thoughts, unique reflections. Each color communicates specific sensations and messages. Let’s see together what it is! What is the specific meaning of each color? What sensations and emotions does it evoke? The psychology of colors helps us understand this.

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The color of well-being, optimism, growth, and vitality. This is why green is suitable for brands operating in the health and self-care sectors, environment, and sustainability; of finance.


It is the color of professionalism, success, seriousness, reliability, authority, and even calm. Blue is suitable for brands operating in the service, health, and finance sectors.


Red is passion, love, action, but also danger. Red is an intense, active, energetic color, so it is ideal for brands that dare.


Orange is a vital color. It evokes vivacity, creativity, optimism. For which brands is it suitable? For young brands who love to stand out.


Purity and simplicity are the sensations evoked by white, the color of minimalism, probably the most contemporary of all colors.


It is not an easy color to use. Luxurious and chic, it can communicate refinement and elegance (which is why it is suitable for brands in the luxury sector) and negative emotions linked to mourning and lack.


Yellow expresses happiness, joy, sunshine, energy, liveliness. It is a particular color because, on the one hand, it stimulates action and, on the other hand, it risks tiring the eye.


Certainly more suitable for women than for men, pink can communicate relaxation or vitality depending on the shade with which it is used.


Brown is a color that evokes stability and security. It is no coincidence that it is the color of the earth.


Purple is the color most loved by women and is particularly suitable for brands operating in the luxury sector.

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