How To Get Quality Backlinks To Appear First On Google?

We already know how to measure the authority of the received links, and also which links penalize in Google and which help. Now we are going to get into flour explaining how to get backlinks:

1. Get Links Equal To Your Competition (Recommended)

You see a website that is above you in Google and you want to have the same links, to match or exceed it. How to do it? Browse that website with Ahrefs, Openlinkprofiler and This way you will discover the links it receives and you can get some of the same, to improve the authority of your website. You will not be able to replicate all their links, but you can some. Then you just have to get links where your competition cannot, in order to beat them.

2. Generate Good Content And They Will Link You Voluntarily And Naturally Because The Content Is King (Highly Recommended)

This is the typical thing that is always repeated. And the best part is that it’s true. The bad thing is that it is a slow method to get links. The link you, but after months or years. If you’re in a hurry to upload on Google, it’s not the ideal method. To get fast links, the content has to be very controversial or viral , so that people share it on social networks and reach the big newspapers, who talk about your website with a link.

The PBN (a private network of blogs): many links were bought before, now is going to PBN, because Google is fighting very hard against buying links.

But the PBNs are yours and yours alone: ​​you buy the domain, you design the web, you fill it with content and you put the links you want there. There are them of all sizes, from 10 blogs, up to 200 or more, but the idea is to make blogs and web pages from which to link the websites you want to position. PBN blogs have to have inbound links, so they have authority and are good for something. PBN types:

3. New PBN (Great Expense Of Time And Money)

You buy new domains, you hire editors, they make quality content, you upload it to the web, you optimize it for Google, so that it comes out on top and people know it. And because it’s good content and it’s up on Google, people know it and link to it naturally. After a while, you receive links and the PBN already has the authority and is ready to use.

4. PBN Of Expired Blogger Blogs (Free)

With this method last week I got 27 blogs with a PA greater than 25. I explain how it is done: in Blogger / Blogspot there are two ways that a blog ceases to exist: because the owner closes it freely (in this case the blog can be re-registered later). Or because Google closes it (Blogger is from Google), because it violates its policies (spam, etc.). In this case the blog cannot be opened again. Those of voluntary closure are interesting because if we register them again all the links that went to that blog will now continue to be to our blog.

How to get them? You install Xenu, a program that checks an entire web page and tells you the links that fail (both the internal links that fail, as well as the external links that go to pages that don’t exist). You run it on a blog directory. You look only at Blogger blogs (in WordPress you cannot open closed blogs).

In which error 404 “not found” is because the blog has been closed. You manually check whether it can be re-registered or not (20% of closed bogs can be registered again in my experience). You sign up the ones that can be registered and you go through, which massively checks the PA and DA of a list of domains. Those of a PA of more than 20 register them… so please note that I have already threshed 4 blog directories with this system and I have registered 27 PA blogs over 25, but there are more directories.

5. PBN Expired or Expired Domains (Paid)

Domains that were previously used, but were closed, and still receive links from important websites. You can search them at, where you can sort them by PageRank or by a number of incoming links, to choose the most important ones.

Before buying a domain, check its inbound links profile with Ahrefs, Openlinkprofiler and , to make sure they are not spamming links. Also look at the website at, to see what content it had before, lest the website is penalized by Google. Once you find worthwhile domains, you can use them as a blog for your PBN, or simply do a 301 redirect to the website you want to position, to give it more authority.

6. Broken Links From Other Websites

I have never tried this, but some say it works. Run xenu on a website, detect broken links, notify the owner of errors in the links and kindly ask them to put a link in return. I do not believe much in the effectiveness of this technique, but here I leave it in case it serves anyone.

7. Helping Other Webmasters And “Collect” With Links

This technique is an extension of the previous one, you detect an error, for example a virus on a website, you warn the webmaster and tell him that you will fix it in exchange for a link. Or you write to him to tell him how to improve one of his articles and ask him to link to you. Or you say that you will help with SEO or optimize your AdSense earnings in exchange for a link.

8. Buy Links (Not Recommended)

Not recommended because they can be put on pages of little authority, or together with links to pages penalized by Google, generating penalties. Or on pages with 200 outgoing links, so those links are worth next to nothing.

9. Sponsoring Events or Donating To Foundations (Costs Money)

If you sponsor an event, that website will link you. Some foundations also link to companies that make donations. It is a way to advertise and win links, although expensive and, therefore, not recommended. It is the way to “buy links” without Google penalizing you.

10. Press Releases

There are many websites where you can publish free press releases. You send them to everyone and they are usually published by everyone. Before sending them, check the DA of those pages, to filter out the domains that are not worth it. Some put the links with nofollow, but it is also interesting to have nofollow links, to appear natural. Ideally, they should also be sent to large newspapers, if you send it to 100 large newspapers and skillfully write the press release, 4 or 5 may publish it. We have a large media database to which we send press releases about our clients and it usually works quite well, although it takes a long time to build it.

11. Profiles In Social Networks

They are another source of links, although many of them are nofollow. But others, like, follow and have authority. In you can put your keyword and see what profiles on social networks are free with your keyword, to register them and put links to your website. Having profiles on social networks also helps to improve the online reputation of a brand or a person or clean their image on the internet.

12. GSA Search Engine Ranker or ScrapeBox (Not Recommended)

They are programs to automatically position web pages. Basically they are dedicated to putting hundreds of comments on blogs and forums with links to your page. You can choose the% of each of the anchor text. The bad thing is that these links are usually nofollow and, in addition, they are usually surrounded by other links to spam pages or penalized by Google, which damages positioning, because it is important that the links are on “clean” pages with few links. outgoing.

Some supposed SEO “gurus” recommend a pyramid link structure: they call Tier 1 the good blogs on the PBN, which are the which will then link to the Money Sites (the websites that we are interested in positioning). And, according to them, these Tier 1 pages must be linked from other pages they call Tier 2, which would be poorer quality blogs. And these Tier 2 pages receive thousands upon thousands of junk links from Tier 3(links obtained automatically with a program like scrapebox: links in forums, in comments, etc). So, if Google penalizes Tier 2 for cheat links, Tier 1 (PBN) and Money Sites are safe. Although I think that if someone cheats, Google will catch them sooner or later.

13. Blogs On Pages Of Important Newspapers or Magazines

There are newspapers that allow you to have your blog inside and put news and links there, such as 20 minutes, Elle, several from the Vocento group etc. Although these blogs initially have PA 1, so first you will have to give them authority with inbound links, so that the links from those pages are of higher quality.

14. Blogs In Authority Domains

As in the previous case, you can blog and leave posts on,,, … websites with great DA authority, but before The links in our blog are worth, we will have to provide them with authority with inbound links, so that they upload their PA.

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