How To Improve Your Agency Marketing With Data-Driven

Indeed, the future of business is data. It is no longer feasible to define strategies on the “chronometer”: it is necessary to analyze the results of your actions in detail. With data analysis, the goal is to have good foundations to delimit and improve your methods.

With the central role that digital marketing is taking, several technologies are emerging that help agencies extract and visualize data about their performance in online and offline media. This also applies to sales strategies, customer relations and even telephone service. So, do you want to know how the data-driven universe will transform your agency? Continue reading!

1. What Is A Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is, as the name says, data-driven marketing. It is a practice that is becoming increasingly known and widely used in the business world in general and also in agencies.

The objective of being data-driven is to make well-founded and, consequently, more accurate decisions. The marketing strategies the marketing manager defines can be much more efficient when defined according to the data visualized.

Which strategy works best? Are customers satisfied with the service provided? What can be improved in the ads?

These are some questions that, with data-driven marketing, you can answer. Data extraction results in quantitative and qualitative visualization of the efficiency of your actions. With this, strategies can be reviewed to make these actions increasingly accurate. That is, this is the great advantage of being data-driven.

But after all, why have data-driven marketing in your agency?

2. Data-Driven Marketing For Agencies

Many metrics can be observed to find the best way to act. Within an agency, one of the most critical pieces of information to obtain is the profile and quality of the leads coming in, either by form or phone. That is, this can be viewed, for example, through a CRM. It is one of the technologies that help you visualize data about your customers and direct actions correctly to leads and prospects.

On the other hand, quantitative data is also essential for efficient marketing. Understanding target audience engagement with online media is an excellent example of this. For disclosure in Google Ads, for example, it is essential to view reports on ads and the keywords that generate the most clicks. Therefore, all this data needs to be thought out intelligently.

For example, if an ad has a lot of impressions but brings in unqualified leads, it might be time to rethink your approach. In other words, this is the path of data-driven thinking: integrating data to understand the best sales tactics.

Obtaining and analyzing data is a fundamental and well-known way for agencies’ marketing success. However, not all data is easily visualized, as a lot of data goes blank. Many agencies need tools for extracting, storing and, mainly, data analysis, which causes a significant loss of information.

3. How Your Agency Can Become Data-Driven

After all, what measures can your agency’s marketing take to become data-driven?

As we mentioned, a fundamental step is to extract data from tools that already provide an understanding of the return on your actions, such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. However, the technologies available on the market allow this data to be even more complete, integrating them with other information.

To help you understand the data-driven strategy, here are three tips for having data-driven marketing in your agency:

1. Study And Deploy Data Extraction And Analysis Tools

Many tools help extract and analyze data, aiming to make companies data-driven.

For agencies, there are several possibilities to start this strategy. There are consultations, training, and technologies that help you visualize and extract as much data as possible from your actions.

A good tip is to look for solutions that integrate the data and make it possible to visualize them together, having a more consistent orientation for actions.

2. Measure The Calls Your Agency Receives

Advertising strategies in online and offline media generate links for your agency. Do you also measure these connections?

Phone calls represent a vast source of data for your agency. It is through them that many hot leads arrive. However, as it is not an online contact, such as forms, measuring the connections generated by campaigns may not be easy.

For this, a Call Tracking tool will be of great help. The technology assigns mask numbers to your agency’s publicity campaigns. With this, the system processes incoming calls and informs which campaign is generating more calls, and you can efficiently direct the investment according to the information obtained.

3. Live The Data-Driven Mindset Daily

Once your agency understands the effectiveness of this strategy and decides to adopt it, it is essential to have a well-established data-driven mindset. All managers, sellers, analysts and marketing professionals need to remember that actions can be better planned using data.

And even more: as the agency evolves in its actions, professionals will be able to perceive the results until the strategies become more and more consistent. The objective is to reduce the margin of error of the actions until the processes for defining these are increasingly improved.

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