How to Read Text Messages From Another Phone Without Them Knowing?

An individual’s inbox is a very articulated version of messages that are safe to be read by anyone.

Problematic texts, responses and conversational threads are instantaneously deleted. Many actually have a strange feeling that their loved ones were being very unreasonably protective of their phones.

A sudden beep indicating a message and our loved ones would flee the room like Flash. Hence, it became important to us to find the reason for the unreasonable paranoia.

You don’t even need your loved one’s phone at all to garner access to their messages. Can you imagine how easy it is to read someone’s text from Spyine?

Spyine is an application that allows one to read through another phone’s text messages remotely.

Spyine also offers an interface that is web-based. The app conveniently allows you to see someone’s text messages, iMessages, call history, deleted messages and viewed media files.

Why Narrow Down to Spyine?

Other popular spy apps necessitate one to jailbreak or root the targeted device. Spyine, however, works on stock Android and iOS mobile phones.

Spyine site is already a global leader in spy apps and has a user base of a million satisfied users in more than 190 countries, hence there was a trust factor I didn’t want to ignore.

There is also a risk of encountering virus laden and ill-faceted apps serving the purpose. Further, there were competitive monthly plans to choose from ranging from premium to family plans.

Privacy of user’s data is paramount. Spyine which mostly is a prominent concern with spy apps, will be absolutely protected. There is no storage of personal details and data, not even to the employees of Spyine.

How to Read Someone’s Text?

There is no requirement of any special technical skills for using Spyine to read someone’s texts remotely. Be it the app or the web-based interface of Spyine, it’s effortlessly easy to operate and spy with.

Now, coming to the essential differentiation of operation of Spyine between iPhone/iPad and Android, you need to go through the below step-by-step procedures of how to read someone’s text from Spyine:

When the Target Device Is an iPhone or iPad

For iOS, Spyine is essentially a web based app. You do not require the target device at all. Not to install this app or any pertinent software. This is quite a relief. All you need to do is just link Spyine with the iCloud account of my loved ones. That is it!

So, no software installation is required. Just the iCloud account credentials will act as a base for anyone to link someone’s phone with Spyine.

What makes it even more promising for iOS text viewing is that there is no installation trail that could raise suspicion. Hence, it is a risk free, detection free way to spy on someone’s text.

The methodology is simplified in below step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: You register on the official site of Spyine through your email ID


Step 2: Browse through the monthly plans available at Spyine and buy the one that suits you best. Purchasing a premium plan allow you to read texts on someone’s phone without having to install the software.


Step 3: The entire paraphernalia of set up and execution will be received on email. The moment you click on the Setup wizard, the on-screen instructions will be self explanatory. When asked about the target platform, choose iOS.

Step 4: Now enter the iCloud credentials of the intended device. Once submitted, Spyine will link with the desired device. After linking, you will get a dashboard that will be your key to someone’s messages or iMessages.


When the Target Device Is an Android Phone

There is a little bit of exercise needed when your target device is an Android. You need to install the ‘Spyine’ software.

But there’s a catch. The Android app for Spyine weighs as miniscule as 2MB. Once installed, you can hide the app.

Weighing as less as 2MB, it barely leaves a trace or a concern for the target device’s owner. It will also not appear in the app drawer or list of installed apps.

The entire methodology of android linkage is simplified in the below step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: You register on the official site of Spyine through your email ID

Step 2: Browse through the monthly plans. You can link only to a single android device in premium plan. You can also opt for a family plan if that suits your requirement.

Step 3: Follow the set-up instructions received on email. The moment you click on the Setup wizard, the on-screen instructions will be self explanatory. When asked about the target platform, choose Android.

Step 4: Now, you need to install the app on the user’s Android device. You can then hide the app and then a few more minutes till Spyine syncs with the Android device. After linking, you will get a dashboard that will be your key to someone’s Messages.



Reading someone’s texts is our own way of ensuring their safety and well being. A person’s inbox somehow is the most mutilated section of their phones. Hence, acquiring access to an inbox is very much like seeing through their heart.

It is not spying if the intent is to protect the interests of your loved ones. If there is a behaviour that raises suspicion, as well wisher, it is imperative to protect the ones you love from the innumerable vices that exist.

Therefore, to read someone’s text from spyine is a very convenient way to ensure that you get to see your loved ones in an unsolicited light and keep a tab on their well being.

You can truly vouch for Spyine as a convenient and hassle free mode of reading someone’s texts without them knowing about it.

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