How To Sell Wireless Car Charger To A Skeptic

Some people aren’t easy to convince. It may be due to their doubts about an idea or new technology. Like in the case of a wireless car charger, there are those with skeptical views about the technology. So, is it possible to change their minds and convince them to buy into the idea?

Well, in most cases, a skeptic person isn’t so by nature. It’s because he or she lacks the conviction to believe in something. Once you give them that conviction, they can easily turn the other way and follow your idea. This is a guide on selling a wireless car charger to a skeptic:

Highlight the Convenience of Using a Wireless Car Charger

Using a wireless car charger sure has a high level of convenience. There are no more annoying tangling wires all over your dashboard. Also, you can easily switch between charging your device and using it.

With the convenient lift and drop system, no need to remove and reinsert a cable into your charging port. How much more convenience are you looking for? Besides, you have the freedom to go through bumpy roads and all types of terrain, knowing too well that your phone is firmly secured.

Show How a Wireless Car Charger Reduces Wear and Tear

It’s true that a wireless car charger reduces the wear and tear on your phone significantly. Imagine the number of times you insert and remove a charger from the charging port. Doing this continuously causes stress on your phone, and with time wear and tear.

A wireless car charger prevents this by eliminating wires. You simply drop your phone on the charging pad and it’s ready to charge. Occasionally, you’ll use a wired charger when you’re inside the house or in the office.

A Wireless Car Charger Reduces Clutter

Clutter all over the vehicle increases your chances of causing an accident. It can also distort your mind from thinking straight. Psychologists argue that when a place is disorganized, you are more likely to notice an increase in stress to the mind.

An integrated wireless car charger utilizes magnetism technology to ensure that you have less clutter on your dash. A clutter-free environment, especially when you’re struggling to concentrate on the road, is priceless. There’s plenty of research that proves the theory of having less clutter and the benefits it creates.

Cleaning up stuff from the dash can help reduce the level of clutter present – and this is all you need inside your car.

A Wireless Car Charger Keeps your Phone Powered Always

One thing you can be sure of when you have a wireless car charger inside your vehicle is that your phone won’t run out of juice. Whenever you’re not using your phone inside the car, place it on the charging pad and witness it boost without a struggle.

Besides, the charger stops boosting the device automatically when it gets to 100. Thus, you can be sure that the battery won’t have interference due to charging. Throughout your day, you don’t have to worry about faking that smile just to borrow a charger from a harsh colleague at work.

In addition, a wireless car charger can save you when you need your phone the most. Imagine a case where you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. And the worst-case scenario is that your phone’s battery is almost going off. How much of a savior can a wireless car charger be at this point?

Concentrate on what really matters and leave the insecurity of low battery levels to the wireless car charger.

Some of the Wireless Car Chargers Have Dash Cams

You can’t match the importance of a dashcam, in case there’s an accident or fault with the vehicle. It helps to provide evidence for insurance companies and law enforcement officials. In the occurrence of an accident, which you’re a part of, it’s your word against theirs.

And insurance companies have huge legal divisions that you can’t possibly fight against easily. So, it would really go a long way if you had some sort of third party evidence or witnesses to back your claim. In which case, there’s a wireless car charger with a body cam that can record everything.

Besides, it can also help you or members of your family to have some sort of clip showing what happened, in case you were involved in an accident. The FIORA wireless car charger has a dashcam that records everything happening on the road. And it still doubles up as a charger for your devices.

As for law enforcement officials, a dash cam helps to solve one question – who was on the wrong?

Final Thoughts

This piece proves that it’s possible to convince a skeptic about a wireless car charger. And we believe that any skeptic has now fine-tuned their minds to support the idea of charging a phone wirelessly in-car.

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