How To Use Facebook QR code Generator?

How does Facebook QR code generator help build your Facebook engagement with other users? What are its best use cases and benefits?

For the past 10 years, QR codes become a part of our daily living. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users in 2020 Facebook is the king of social media. To learn how to use a Facebook QR code generator, we must first learn the basic foundations of Facebook QR codes.

What Is A Facebook QR code?

A Facebook QR code is a kind of QR code solution that solves problems with Facebook. The known problem in Facebook is user recognition. With billions of users on Facebook, identifying the person you want to add as a friend is a struggle.

Through the use of Facebook QR codes, you can easily let your friend recognize you. Through these, there is no need for skimming through the search navigation. In this way, they can avoid the instances of having posers as their friend on Facebook.

To know if a Facebook QR code generator works, you can scan the QR code and automatically get directed to the designated link. Through these, no issues will occur in between scans and smoothly have a great relationship with the person who scans it.

How To Use A Facebook QR Code Generator?

Here are 6 simple steps on how use a Facebook QR code generator:

  1. Go to a QR code generator for Facebook as QRTIGER.
  2. Enter your Facebook Profile URL or Facebook Page URL.
  3. Choose what kind of QR code you want to generate (Static or Dynamic)
  4. Generate and customize your QR code.
  5. Test your QR code
  6. Download and deploy your QR code.

Best Use Cases Of Facebook QR Codes

As Facebook is dominant in various parts of the world, its utilization can create different best use cases in various fields. Here are several best use cases that you can integrate Facebook QR codes with.

Facebook Gaming

There are 800 million people who use Facebook Gaming in interacting with fellow gamers. With the rising trend of game live streaming, gaming personalities can integrate the use of QR codes to invite fans to join their communities. In this way, the hassle of searching your Facebook group in the search navigation lessens.


One of Facebook’s main purposes is to entertain its users. For content creators, Facebook is one of the social media platforms that they can share their content with.

To easily connect with users, they can attach a Facebook QR code that contains the link of the creator’s Facebook profile or page. In this way, the users won’t be having a hard time in searching the creator’s official profile.

Hotels And Resorts

As hotels and resorts receive bookings from their Facebook followers, the use of Facebook QR codes can be a great help in accelerating booking transactions.

Also, it is a great way of increasing the number of followers. In this way, existing resort customers can easily relay the resort recommendations to their peers via Facebook QR codes.


Most of the tourist attractions gain popularity through Facebook. By integrating Facebook QR codes in souvenir shops, Facebook users can automatically scan the QR code and view the attraction’s highlights.

In this way, they can easily plan their next adventure by saving the tourist spot’s Facebook page and share to the Facebook community.


Manufacturers are integrating the use of QR codes in their products today. In this way, they can reduce the printing cost on their product’s packaging. To promote a minimalistic look on their packaging, QR codes are a great option to integrate. By adding Facebook QR codes in promoting the product’s manufacturer’s Facebook page, the chances of increasing the number of followers are high.


With the current global crisis, COVID-19, we are facing now, business operations are shifted to online transactions. To limit the face-to-face interaction, the use of social media platforms such as Facebook in selling products is implemented.

Through the use of QR codes, you can direct your customers to like, follow and share your Facebook page. Also, you can share your product by posting it on your Facebook page and interact with your customers.

How To Use A Facebook QR Code Generator?

To intensively learn how to use a Facebook QR code generator, here is an expounded versions of it:

1. Open A QR Code Generator Online

To start your journey with Facebook QR codes, you just need to open the best QR code generator available online. By following the recommended guidelines in choosing the best QR code generators, the generation of quality Facebook QR codes is assured.

2. Select Facebook Category On The Menu

After you have chosen your QR code generator for Facebook, you then proceed to select the Facebook category in the software’s menu and enter the required field. The URLs that you can add in the required field is the Facebook Profile and Facebook Page URL.

3. Choose What Type Of QR Code You Want To Generate (Static or Dynamic)

Before you proceed in generating, you must choose what type of QR code you want to generate with your Facebook QR code. If you are using Facebook for business purposes, the best type of QR code that marketers recommend is dynamic QR codes.

4. Generate And Customize Your QR Code

Once you are done in choosing the type of QR code, you can now proceed in generating your QR code. After you have generated it, you are directed to the customization area of the QR code. Here, you can choose the set of patterns, eyes, colors and add your logo, frame and Call To Action for your Facebook QR code.

5. Test Your QR Code

After you have imparted your creativity skills in customizing your QR code, you can test the QR code. In this way, you are able to early find errors in your QR code and fix it before deploying into your products, marketing campaigns and ads.

6. Download And Deploy Your QR Code

Once you are satisfied with the tests you’ve made, you can then download the QR code in print quality (SVG) and deploy it in your flyers, posters and brochures etc., and other social media sites in the form of posts, pins, and video.

Benefits Of Facebook QR Codes

Direct Users To Specific Facebook Profile/Pages

As Facebook QR codes are made to solve the problem in searching a certain user or page on Facebook, these can unburden users and easily get directed to a specific Facebook Profile/Page. In this way, they can avoid opportunity-seeking pages such as scam pages on Facebook.

Can Be Tailored To Match Your Brand/Personality

For people to easily recognize you, the need of establishing your identity is high. With the use of Facebook QR codes, you can add a hint of your personality by customizing and adding your logo in the QR code.

Optimized For Mobile Users

Since 98% of Facebook users use mobile devices QR codes for Facebook optimize the mobile user experience. Through the use of Facebook QR codes, the loading time in accessing the data minimizes. Thus, it makes a comfortable mobile experience for the person who promotes it and its target users.

Good For Dynamic Marketing Campaign

Dynamic QR codes enable seasonal marketing campaigns. Through this, You can generate a Facebook QR code through the integration of dynamic QR codes. In this way, you can fully use your Facebook QR codes in marketing by tracking the marketing campaign’s effectiveness. The data that you can track your QR codes is the number of scans, devices used in scanning, scan location, and timeline of the scans made.

Flexible In Print Marketing

If you made changes with your Facebook page or change Facebook handles, dynamic Facebook QR codes are the recommended QR codes for you. If you have put your Facebook QR code in print paper such as flyers, brochures, thank you cards and posters, the use of dynamic Facebook QR codes can be your marketing buddy. With its editable features, no bad re-directories and errors will occur to your valued followers and customers.

Best Tips To Follow When Using A Facebook QR Code Generator

By following the best tips when using a Facebook QR code generator, no negative impressions will occur. In this way, you can create an identity and pioneer the future of Facebook QR code usage in the future. Here are 5 best tips to follow.

The QR Code’s Visuals

As 90% of the information processed in the brain is visual, it is important to consider the QR code’s visual presentation when customizing a QR code to make it appealing.

One of the guidelines to remember is the color contrast of the QR code. It is stated that the QR code’s foreground color is should be darker than the background color. Inverting the QR code’s color is a big NO to a person’s and machine’s eyes.

Consider Its Sizing

To ensure the QR code’s scan-ability, you should always consider its size when printing. The minimum size a QR code should have is 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). For long-distance scanning, the formula, scanning distance from the QR code divided by 10 is the best sizing method.

For print papers such as magazines, flyers, and books, considering the minimum QR code sizing is enough. Also, the placement of the QR code is crucial to ensure its scanning capability.

Add A Call To Action Tag

Adding a Call to Action to your Facebook QR code is great for attracting more followers. In this way, you can inflict the users’ curiosity by 40% and add a thrilling user experience for users. Marketers see the use of CTAs in marketing and advertisements as it increase the number of sales. Well, in Facebook’s case, the number of likes, followings and shares.

Insert Your Logo

Logos distinguish a brand’s uniqueness and market statement. In this way, people can recognize a business and content creator’s identity. By inserting your logo in you Facebook QR code, you can make your QR code look professional and not be identified as a spam looking QR code.

Maintain A Clutter-free QR Code

As the QR code’s visual is important in attracting more customers, maintaining a clutter-free Facebook QR code is pertinent. By carefully considering the factors that can affect the QR code’s quality, you are able to weight what kind of QR code is best to use.

There are two types of QR codes that a Facebook QR code generator offer; static and dynamic QR codes.

In static QR code, the information stored in the QR code is dependent on its graphics. This is the reason why you should limit the information you are embedding in your QR code.

For dynamic QR codes, the creation of an online short dynamic URL saves the QR code’s graphics when storing data. In this way, adding/removing data is possible. Also, your QR code’s visual won’t clutter as the code you have embedded minimizes.


As an aspiring online entrepreneur and influencer, Facebook is one of your training grounds towards success. Increasing your number of sales and followers is a difficult task to do. But by integrating QR solutions such as Facebook QR codes, you can direct your users in adding/following you on Facebook without the need of searching your username in the search menu.

To start your Facebook journey with QR codes, you can start creating your Facebook QR codes with the QR code generator as QRTIGER online. In this way, you can safeguard your Facebook QR codes and avoid any cyber intrusions.

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