2021 HR Survey Investigates How Trust Affects Employees And Businesses

Trust is an essential aspect of all parts of life. For businesses, it’s important to create a culture where people are happy, engaged, and feel valued. Thus, an increase in trust brings workers together and makes them a team.

It improves work efficiency and productivity in your company, which otherwise seems impossible and hectic too. However, not everyone understands how important trust in management and HR management really is – even though we all experience its impact day-to-day at work.

Cezanne HRs infographic about their trust in HR report shed light on this matter. It shows how common trust issues are among employees and HR and how deeply it affects business productivity, environment, and workload.

Trust issues are easy to build up and have drastic effects, but there are techniques and ways to accommodate the employees and maximise their loyalty to your services.

What Impact Can Trust Have on Employees?

A good trust ratio between HR and employees keeps the workplace happy and healthy. It smooths communication and accommodation in the project.

Employees that trust HR within their business are more productive, engaging, responsible, and energetic.

As mentioned in Cezanne HR’s report findings where 1,000 employees were surveyed, when compared with people at companies that had low-trust levels, people at companies associated with higher levels of trust reported that 74% felt less stressed, there were 13% fewer illness days, a 50% increase in productivity, 76% more engagement, and 40% less burnout.

How Can Trust Affect businesses?

The fate of a business is doomed if its employers and employees don’t act as a team. The effort of a united team can make your company grow and make it a big success.

Trust in management will improve punctuality and decision-making by bringing cohesiveness to the company. A practical, influential, and high-quality business can only be obtained by a trustworthy core team.

With mistrust in the business, employees are not loyal to the objectives and goals of the company. Thus, they work in a divided pattern and inhibit growth and progress.

Findings of Cezanne’s Survey

Trust levels during COVID-19

It is pretty interesting to see that employees were treated well during the pandemic as 32.1% said that their trust level on their HR Team increased more after the pandemic, and only 13.8% said it decreased. However, 54.1% reported it remained the same.

These last two years have been really tough on businesses, but the report findings indicate that despite the pandemic and the inevitable changes that would have forced companies to make, there is still a respectable level of trust between employees and HR.

Conflicts and mediation

Conflicts and differences are common in every walk of life. There can be instances when two workers or employees argue over something, and conflicts arise. It is the responsibility of the management to take care of such things and let them be resolved smoothly.

The survey shows that 47% had little to no trust in their HR to resolve issues among their employees.


Favouritism destroys businesses. If there is favouritism and discrimination shown by HR managers among workers, it will definitely hurt the organization’s productivity.

This survey shows that 55% of employees believe their HR department doesn’t treat everyone equally. 43% believed HR favours Senior staff, and 12% believed they favour Junior staff, which is alarming.

Communication Gap

Lack of communication between employees and HR is the biggest curse. It is the beginning of misunderstanding and mistrust, which leads to more significant issues for the companies.

From the survey results, it showed that many workers won’t even recognise an HR team member if they see them. Only 55.4% of the respondents were confident about that, while 17.8% said they possibly recognise someone who works for their HR team and 26.8% stated that they wouldn’t be able to recognise a member of their HR department.

Additionally, another alarming statistic is that only about one-third of respondents said that it is tough for them to get help from HR in any given circumstance. Struggling to get in contact with the HR department to discuss issues no matter how small or big they might be will certainly be detrimental for any levels of trust to be maintained.

How Can Trust be Established?

Employees and HR need to regularly collaborate with each other to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding and know where they stand relating to ongoing activities and issues.

Through regular meetings and open communication, employees can feel safe and have the freedom to speak up about any concerns they have and it will be up to HR to ensure that those concerns are met as best as possible.

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