Huawei Band 6 | Attractive Design & Best Advantages

Wrist bands are not inferior to smartwatches as they provide similar functionalities. Moreover, wristbands are lite in weight and sleek in appearance. So, they are the best wearable choices while playing sports and when sleeping. As a result, the wristband has become the choice of the majority of the people. In response to this, Huawei released the latest wrist band known as Band 6 in the Huawei Band series. After many tests and trials, Huawei Band 6 stood out among the other contemporaries and is the best choice for fitness freaks and health enthusiasts.

Attractive Design Of Huawei Band 6

Huawei Band 6 has an innovative and aesthetic design when compared to the previous models. The display area is 148% higher than the past bands. The screen is made of AMOLED with 194*368-megapixel resolution. The photos appear bigger with more details on the screen. Details like stats of the works outs and constant heart rate monitoring on the screen are available.

Huawei has many exclusive models with different screen designs that satisfy the moods of the customers. Huawei Watch Face Store is accessible to select the desired face designs with just one swipe. You can choose your favorite photos. However, Band 6 is more suitable for the gym than the office.

Workout’s Mode Of Huawei Band 6

There are 96 different workout modes on Band 6 making it one of the best gyms designs. This mode fulfills all your sports requirements including 11 sports modes like cycling, running, rowing, and 85 custom modes like dancing and other sports. Band 6 is extensively used for sports events. It accurately calculates the heart rate, calories burned, oxygen saturation level, etc. This feature provides motivational analyses, records of the previous workouts, and suggestions regarding it. You will also get reminders and notifications. You can design your fitness plan to reach your target.

Band 6 can become a personal health trainer but it does not have GPS, so it is not possible to record motion trajectory.

Fitness Tracking By Huawei Band 6

Band 6 is the perfect device if you want to monitor heart rate and spo2 every day. Nowadays everyone is concerned about health. Huawei always provides bands with excellent quality and Band 6 is no exception.

Band 6 can measure Spo2, heart rate, stress level, sleep quality round the clock and sends you alerts or notifications. It also provides suggestions to help you improve your health and thus ensure a balanced lifestyle. If you suffer from sleep problems, you can get good advice to have good stability.

Battery Life Of Band 6

The most amazing thing about Band 6 is its unmatchable battery life. It offers 14 days battery life for normal use and 10 days battery life for heavy use. It provides 2 days usage capacity for 5 minutes of charging. Band 6 has made an outstanding achievement in giving the longest possible battery life. This feat is only possible with very few manufacturers.


To sum up everything, what should be the features of a reliable wristband? They are none other than attractive design, clear display, good performance, excellent quality, and more battery life. All the mentioned qualities are there in Band 6. So, if you are fed up with the ineptitude bands of the other companies, Band 6 may be your perfect choice that accomplishes all your needs.

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