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Simple Def Of Internet Of Things: What distinguishes IoT for businesses from connected objects for the general public? To fully understand what the Internet of Things is and where its value lies for companies, we must go back to the origins and bases of the concept.

The Internet network celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019. By dematerializing exchanges, it has enabled the development of new digital ecosystems, fed by data provided by users and by computer systems.

However, it was complex to integrate information from the analogue world, difficult to collect and transcribe into a digital format.

We then got used to considering the digital world and the physical world as two distinct fields in terms of applications.

With the Internet of Things or the Internet of Things (IoT), this separation is about to be shattered. The IoT indeed offers the ability to connect the digital world to the physical world on an immense scale, thanks to technologies with a low entry cost. Thus, knowledge of the real world can now be based on data.

For companies, this possibility opens the way to many services high added value: data can be used to optimize and automate their processes, to capture new sources of value, to implement interactions with physical environments, or to anticipate the occurrence of events.

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