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In the present competitive world, getting a good job becomes a strict challenge for everyone, and also, it’s become hard to acquire information regarding placements. Many job platforms are available that have information regarding jobs. Among those platforms, a unique site called serves various job openings, substantially government-related jobs like UPSC, IBPS, PO, SBI PO, SSC, CGL, RBI Grade, RRB JE SSE, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CHSL, etc. This platform focuses on aiding job aspirants and helping them to get their dream jobs in government sectors.

Along with, numerous other websites also serve the same purpose of furnishing job information. If you want to get information on government jobs, will be the right choice to get the needed job information. This Jankari00 website is entirely free, which means for any job-related information, you do not need to pay anything to anyone. In this article, you will find detailed information about the platform.

How does Work?

This platform is specially designed for job seekers who aspire to get a government job, and it provides information on different sectors of government jobs like police, banking, etc. You can get detailed information regarding job vacancies and comfortably select the required posts for the recruitment process. Private sector people possess this Janakari00 website, but they post up-to-date government-related job information for their users to help kickstart their careers. This platform serves job-related information from administrative positions to technical fields like clerks, police, nurses, etc.

Unlike other job portals, the platform substantially focuses on government sector jobs, which helps people who want to find their dream job in different government sectors. holds information like job application starting and ending dates, application deadlines, eligibility criteria, job vacancy numbers, application process, and other recruitment-related information. With its easy-to-understand interface, people can access it without any confusion.

How to get Job Information from the

At some point, searching for a dream job in the dream sector is tough, and these kinds of platforms will be at the top of the list in providing such information, especially in government sector jobs. Follow the below process to access effectively.

  • Open your regular web browser on the supported device and search for the website.
  • Open the website with an appropriate site link of, and when you open the website, if it is within the Chrome browser, you will automatically be asked to translate the web page. Initially, this is available in Hindi, but with the Google Translate option, you can access it in English.
  • After opening the Jankari00 platform, you can see all the categories of the available recruitment information for different jobs on the home page of the platform.
  • Go to the required category of government job you want to know, and after, go to the selected post and browse the information.

With this process, anyone can access the website to get their required and up-to-date information regarding government jobs in multiple sectors.

Advantages of the Platform

A few advantages you can enjoy when using this online job gate.

Access to Government Job Information: provides real-time updates on government job openings. You can also apply directly through the website. This online platform is dependable, offering the information you may not find a way. It constantly updates job rosters, and job campaigners admit announcements via dispatch or mobile regarding new openings.

User-friendly navigation: boasts a stoner-friendly interface. After clicking the website link, you will receive the most recent government job notifications on the homepage. You can fluently search for jobs based on your qualifications, skills, age, and more. Once you find a suitable job, you can apply directly through the website. The simplicity of the platform makes it a top choice for job seekers.

No Cost Involved:

One remarkable aspect of is that it offers job information entirely free of charge. This availability benefits a large portion of job seekers without any financial burden.

Secure platform: is a dependable source for accurate information on government jobs. The website employs SSL encryption to maintain user data privacy and security. Your information will kept safe and secure while using this platform.

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Various websites like

Several websites provide free information on different government jobs. Still, please keep in mind that the accessibility and fame of similar websites can change over time, so I recommend checking their current status. Here are some websites that are known to help in the search for information on government jobs

Authorized Government Job Sites:

  • Employment News: This is an authorized daily job publication by the Government of India. You can find it both in print and online.
  • Government Jobs Portal ( The government’s official sites are for recruitment opportunities that provide links to different departments and their various sectors.

Dedicated Job Hunt Websites:

  • Sarkari Naukri: This website is expert in giving information about government job openings from all over India.
  • It offers free job offers for government jobs, including details like eligibility criteria and operation procedures.
  • This point covers both government and private sector job openings.
  • State Government Websites: Each state in India has representative platforms for government jobs like “mahanmk” for Maharashtra, “” for Kerala, and so on. You can search for your specific state’s government job gate.

Education and Employment News Websites:

  • This portal provides information on government job announcements, test updates, and study materials.
  • It covers various government job announcements and educational news.

Job Hunt websites:

Websites like,, and Indeed also list government and private sector job opportunities. Use their advanced hunt features to set up government jobs.

  • Online Forums and Social Media Groups: Multiple online groups and social networking platforms committed to government job aspirants frequently looking at job announcements, test updates, and study resources.
  • Government Department Websites: Several government departments have their websites where they post job openings and employment announcements. It’s a good idea to check the authorized sites of the departments you are attentive to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mobile app available for

No, you can only get information about government jobs through its authorized website.

Who started

This website is possessed by a private Indian company called Jankari Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

What are the alternative websites available to access?

A few alternatives are accessible to get your dream job information from the private and government sectors. Some of them are as follows,

India Today,, Sarkari Naukri Blog,, Jagranjosh,, Job Sarkari, Job, GovtJobGuru, Sarkari Naukri, Employment News and others.

Is a private-possessed or government-possessed website? is a private website, even though it provides accurate information about government jobs, just like you would find on any authorized government site. It’s a suitable place for job aspirants to search for all the necessary job-related information openings in the public sector.

Is helpful for job aspirants?

There is no question mark that this website is extensively helpful for job aspirants. We have formerly reviewed the benefits of using this website.

Concluding Words acknowledges how important it is for people to connect and talk with others in their job hunt among job platforms and discussion boards, where job applicants can talk and help each other. This friendly place encourages folks to contribute their stories, ask for advice from others, and learn about how to apply for jobs. The website also shows stories from people who got government jobs with the help of

These real stories can give motive and energy to people who want to get a government job. They show what is possible through the website. In this time when it’s tough to get a job, is a helpful tool for people looking for government jobs. It has a vast collection of information, an easy-to-use website, correct details, helpful tips, and a group of active job aspirants. So, you can trust to help you find your dream job in the government sector.

Recollect that the operation process and eligibility criteria for government jobs vary extensively, so always read the authorized announcements and follow the instructions included. Also, it’s a good practice to regularly visit these websites or subscribe to notified job alert announcements to stay updated on the most recent job openings.

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