Learn How G Suite Helps Your Company’s Information Security

Contemporary organizations operating under uncertainty and risk are forced to modify their approaches toward information security. Faced with any threat, companies need to consider the local and global events that affect their activities.

Today it is trivial to say that this is one of the most critical areas that the governance bodies of organizations must protect. It is about the defense of information and consists of preventing and hindering the acquisition of sensitive data through protection mechanisms and policies.

In this context, check out how the G Suite solution can help your company’s information security and data storage.

Data Storage

G Suite does not require any physical server infrastructure. Users can use it immediately, setting up an Internet connection environment, using a device such as a desktop, and paying a monthly fee. Since there is no need to purchase server hardware, the initial investment is cheaper, and the introduction is rapid.

While some companies may be concerned about the security of the processes putting data in the cloud, it is not easy for an organization’s data center to maintain the level of protection that a provider of this type of storage offers. However, considering the server’s physical security and the redundancy between the information, the use of a cloud service is fundamental in this regard.

All information is available to registered users, so the workflow is not harmed due to losses due to operational failures. This data centralization allows the application of information security policies quickly and directs routines towards best protection practices.

Efficient Operation

Google operates the G Suite system. There are almost no operations like server maintenance, version upgrades, and security patch application, which can significantly reduce the operational burden for administrators. This lowers total costs as G Suite is cloud-based groupware, a collaboration platform delivered as a service via the Internet.

Therefore, it has not only the merit of each function but also the integration and efficient and safe operation. Due to changes in the social structure and globalization of the market, companies must constantly provide new value. Thus, the interaction between professionals and sectors is indispensable as a business base.

Secure cloud-based collaboration enables efficient work regardless of location. This is also an essential characteristic for carrying out workstyle reforms. G Suite has become increasingly important as an infrastructure to solve the challenges faced by all businesses and organizations with running efficiency.

Data Control

You may have heard of incidents like personal and business information being leaked on various news portals. If a company uses G Suite to install Google services, the admin role can be used to set access permissions and public settings for each user. This reduces the risk of potential information security issues and data leakage.

Services that can be used for free provide introductory email and file sharing in the cloud without giving the necessary management functions at the enterprise level. Therefore, G Suite is a solution needed for use in companies and organizations, aiming at adequate information security.

For example, G Suite’s default file disclosure scope is “internally only.” So if an employee with little IT knowledge uses the tool, or if a file sharing link is accidentally sent outside, access will not be possible without an internal user account, which can control security risks.


One of the concerns about using cloud services like G Suite is the risk of data loss. The customer information accumulated in the business is essential to establish a relationship with them and also to make strategic analysis for decision making. This data is usually backed up several times to a local server.

However, if these critical files are stored in the G Suite cloud, the risk of data loss due to a data center issue becomes unlikely. That’s because the data stored in the cloud is copied by Google several times, distributed, and stored in data centers worldwide.

That way, even if one of these distributed servers stops working for some reason, another data center immediately kicks in, so the system doesn’t go down. It is worth remembering that the G Suite protection architecture to guarantee the operation and security of the business meets international certifications, such as SOC 2/3 and ISO 27001.


When data is stored internally, there is a risk of loss due to natural disasters such as weather and fire and physical issues such as access by unauthorized personnel. In G Suite, encryption of all information ensures an extra layer of data protection against cyberattacks, consistently promoting information security.

For example, emails and transfers made in the cloud are strategically encrypted in several parts with unique keys. This protection model has the objective that, even in case of loss of function of this data, the other fragments will be necessary for the information to make sense. Therefore, it becomes tough for a hacker to succeed when trying to exploit a vulnerability.

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