List of Top Three Online Converters

This fast-paced world is basically a hub of connectivity and sharing. Millions of files and documents are shared every day, every minute, and every second to one another. These files can be of any format and of any size.

A couple of decades ago, the file-sharing became a nuisance for both the sender and the recipient because of the different formats. So, in order to rectify that problem, ‘Online Converters’ came into existence.

The great thing about these online converters is that most of them are free. And those that are not are completely budget-friendly.

Now the huge bulks of files and data can be simply converted into the required format with a single click. With the help of these online converters, the formats that were once obsolete can be revived again.

We have compiled a list of three of the world’s best Online Converters.

The Three Best Online Converters


This online file converter made it to the top of our list due to its excellent features. This online converter has the best features available for free, and some are at very affordable rates. Some of the main features of this online converter are:

  • This file converter can be used to convert any type of file. These formats may include DOC, PDF, images, archive, audio, archive, video and e-books.
  • Some of the best features can be used freely.
  • One can achieve peace of mind from buying various file converters as it can convert various formats.
  • Even though the conversion is speedy, the quality is never compromised.
  • The privacy of one’s information is their top priority, and there is no sharing of data with the third parties.
  • If the 24-hour version is not good enough for one’s conversion, one can always opt for the premium version.

Format Factory

This is another one of the top file converters. This online converter is another example of a free converter. This file converter supports many format types. Some of the main features of the ‘Format Factory’ converter is:

  • It can convert any type of format files; they include DOC, PDF, audio, video, image, ZIP files, etc.
  • The main aspect of this converter is that its free.
  • Provides repair of damaged files.
  • Supports iPhone and iPod’s software system.
  • There is multilingual support which helps the user to easily access it in his/her language.


This file converter is another example of free online converters. It is also very popular among students of all ages. Some of the main features of this online converter are:

  • It has the readability of all the text file formats including PDF, DOC.. etc.
  • Has the features of compressing, splitting, merging as well as the editing of PDFs.
  • One can also avail the Premium version in order to benefit from further services.

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