Make Screen Recorder With ShareX

Among the best programs for making a screen recording is ShareX, open-source software for Windows that allows you to apply video changes.

Recording the screen is very useful when you want to create a tutorial, show a process, or simply when you need to offer something happening on your monitor. This operation might seem simple and manageable with the right tools, but it becomes simple and immediate with the right software.

The market offers many different alternatives to users, ranging from professional programs dedicated to screening recording and video editing to free options accessible online or open-source software.

Part of the latter category is ShareX, a free, open-source program that allows you to perform screen recording and screencasting with Windows devices.

Unlike similar programs, ShareX offers users a wide range of additional features that are very interesting if you want to improve and perfect your video. Among the most exciting functions, ShareX allows you to set a timer to delay screen capture, decide whether or not to see the mouse cursor within your video and screenshots, and even perform OCR on text.

What differentiates ShareX from other programs is that it is much more potent than it seems. Its Workflow functionality makes it very accessible and intuitive to use, thanks to its ability to automate simple tasks. However, it may be difficult for a novice ShareX user at first. For this reason, it is recommended for more experienced users.

ShareX also saves a ton of time with a single keyboard shortcut to initiate a delayed screen capture and the ability to automatically save an image, specify a region, upload it to cloud storage, and share directly online.

Preliminary Steps To Record Screen With ShareX

  • To proceed with the screen capture with ShareX, you must first download the free application by going to the software’s official website. After downloading, you can open the program.
  • ShareX offers its users several methods to capture the screen. For example, it allows you to screen images by choosing different functions. These include the whole screen, i.e., a screenshot of the entire area, the active windows, and the active monitor, which respectively capture a window open at that moment or a specific place where the mouse cursor is positioned. Users can also consider only a particular area bounded by a diamond-shaped rectangle, circle, or polygon.
  • Before starting work, it is good to set some basic options within the software. Open the Settings tab and click on Operations. Select the item Record screen and choose the recording option. The program will then ask the user to download another program. It is an add-on that will allow you to record everything that happens on your screen.
  • Once the download of the second program is finished, choose the audio source by selecting a microphone or headphones, according to the configuration of your device.
  • Once all the necessary settings have been updated, go to Destinations, and under Image Upload Service select Custom Image Upload. Finally, choose the custom file upload service instead of leaving the selection on Dropbox.
  • To discover all the additional features offered by ShareX, select the Tools menu and choose the function that best suits your needs. Users can select or capture a specific color, use the ruler, or edit images taken using the software or imported from their device.
  • You can combine images, create thumbnails and form QR codes. ShareX also allows you to index folders, set up borderless windows, or change DNS.

How To Make A Screen Recording With ShareX

At this point, you can start with the actual screen recording. Activate video screen capture. Click Capture > Record Screen.

When you click on the Record screen command, a cursor will appear, asking the user to select the portion of the screen you want to record. Be careful because the recording will start after some time, but ShareX will wait for you to choose the exciting space.

You can select different areas or opt for a full-screen recording.

Once the registration has started, a red ball icon will appear in the lower right corner. From that moment, you can proceed with your tutorial. To check that there are no hitches during the demonstration, check from time to time for the presence of the red ball at the bottom of the screen.

Once you want to complete the registration, look for the ShareX symbol, click on it and stop.

You can immediately access the last recording made by opening the program again. If you don’t want to search for all the screen recordings that have been made, you can access the Documents folder on your computer, look for the ShareX Screenshot folder, and choose the date the video was shot.

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