Managing Business Processes In The Cloud: Why Is It Vital For SMEs?

Connecting the company is a crucial step to making it grow: focus on new digital technologies and the potential of management in the Cloud. Guaranteeing a substantial advantage over the competition means investing more in efficiency and productivity, exploiting the potential of digitalization to focus on activities that are fundamental for business growth. Today, companies have to cope with constantly evolving needs dictated by the digital transformation process that fully involves them and requires innovative systems capable of keeping up with the times.

To manage the company at three hundred and sixty degrees, obtain a complete vision and streamline business processes, it is essential to bring together people, processes and data. A strategy based on interconnected systems and processes improves interactions with customers and optimizes the decision-making phase, making the workflow more fluid. How do we get an overview by abandoning the use of multiple independent tools and systems, making it difficult to interconnect and connect with new technologies? The answer lies in the flexible and integrated management of accounting, sales, customer service and operations using management software in the Cloud. A complete and integrated ERP solution helps companies profitably plan internal resources.

ERP In Cloud: The Importance Of Choosing The Right Partner

For the digital transition to be beneficial and to be implemented smoothly, it is essential to count on the support of a reliable partner and the support of experienced and trained consultants.

One of the most essential Microsoft Gold Partner realities provides ad hoc solutions to access a modern and cloud-based ERP platform calibrated precisely to the needs of SMEs. A set of all-inclusive management services up to the most challenging challenges, able to release creative energy and encourage innovation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, usable as a SaaS service and already used by 6 thousand companies, is the ERP that fully manages all business areas also thanks to the integration with both the productivity solutions of the Microsoft Cloud platform, in the which it is inserted, and with the Tempo Zero APPs. It supports more than 40 different languages ​​and takes advantage of all the latest Microsoft technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can have a management system constantly updated to the latest versions available anywhere

With any device to administer financial management and accounting, Supply Chain, warehouse, sales and assistance activities, Project Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting. Operational anywhere and fully integrated into Office 365, the Cloud management software allows you to integrate ERP and CRM in a single platform and centralize all data, conveniently creating and configuring reports that contain information on cash flow, inventory and customers.

Focus On The Potential Of Management In The Cloud

To dispel all doubts about the usefulness of Cloud management systems, often expressed by the business world, a training webinar collects the experts’ answers to the most shared questions. A content that aims to accompany SMEs in their race towards digital, focusing attention on enabling technologies, on the advantages and benefits for the business that derives from the use of platforms with integrated Cloud management systems. Microsoft as a Cloud partner”: the consolidated ecosystem of cutting-edge ERP and solutions author of texts on development methods in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; Experience, reliability, certified and uncompromising Cloud-based approach”.

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