Must-have Technology For Property Business Owners In 2021

With so many exciting technology trends, have you ever thought about automating your home or rental property?

Imagine being able to adjust the temperature in your home and dim the lights directly from your smartphone or tablet with the latest smart home devices. The best devices can make your property more secure with added security, and play your favourite music or podcasts following a simple voice command. Smart technology is designed to simplify life and modernise your space, all whilst making it more comfortable.

There’s no need to worry about tenants leaving the heating on or forgetting to turn off the lights, simply pick up your smartphone and control your property’s electronics straight from your pocket, anywhere, at any time. There is a whole host of smart home devices you can install to make your life easier and cheaper, and these can be as costly or inexpensive as you like. Most people start with smart lighting and smart speakers and work their way up to more advanced smart security systems. These systems not only work to protect your home but can adjust the lighting and temperature in a room as soon as they detect motion.

More and more homeowners, investors, tenants and developers are looking to include smart home devices throughout their properties, whether it’s to keep up with the latest technology or to make the home more energy-efficient. Whatever the reason, there will be a smart device suited to you and your living space.

As the property market continues to soar in 2021, property owners and landlords, in particular, look for ways to revamp their properties and offer a more sustainable lifestyle to their tenants in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. Residential buildings that offer smart home technology and eco-friendly features will be more likely to provide a consistent rental income as they appeal to more people. Property investment company, RWinvest, believes that home automation is necessary if you want to remain ahead of the game in a very competitive market.

Keep reading to find out which smart features we recommend for 2021.

Video doorbells

Have you ever caught yourself worrying about your property when you’re not there? Perhaps you’re someone who works a lot or travels frequently, and you’re not always around to keep an eye on things. Well, with audio-visual (AV) door entry systems, you’ll never have to worry or wonder what’s going on at your home again. With both audio and video, AV door entry systems give detailed visuals of your home and the surrounding area and can even provide you with remote access in the case of an emergency.

If you’re renting a place and unable to remove the existing doorbell, not to worry, as you can opt for a battery-powered one that works wirelessly. Security footage can be recorded, and most systems integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, making it easy to monitor and control your home’s security.


The cheapest and easiest to install smart devices are smart lights. When making the switch, you can either opt for smart switches that manage all your light sources on one circuit or choose to fit smart lightbulbs. Either way, they’re both wireless and can be controlled by your tablet, voice assistant or mobile phone. Imagine if you never have to get up to turn the lights off again? You can even schedule when your lights turn on and off and use gradual dimming systems to help you unwind after a long day.


Having wireless control over your home’s energy systems like your heating and cooling systems allows you to monitor your usage and make adjustments to only heat or cool your rooms when you need to. By reviewing your energy consumption, you can become more energy-efficient, saving you a fortune on household bills. Smart thermostats help make your home run more efficiently and reduce your carbon footprint by minimising the amount of energy we would otherwise waste.

To conclude, no matter if you’re looking for a new home to buy, rent or sell, installing smart home systems and devices will undoubtedly add value to your property. When investing in property, you want to consider the property’s value and who will be residing there, and how can you make life easier for them. Choosing to install the latest technology should appeal to residents, especially when it can make the home more energy-efficient and exciting to live in.

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