Nine Tips For A High-Growth Shopify Online Store

With the ever-increasing number of online shops, it can be challenging to grow sustainably. For this reason, the experts at Eshop Guide have put together nine tips for a high-growth Shopify online shop for you.

Based on the experience of more than 600 projects, Eshop Guide has identified that online shops must offer a factual information basis to be successful in the market in the long term. Because only then,

  • Do visitors trust your shop and your brand,
  • Also, convert visitors into buyers
  • And only then can you start scaling your Shopify store.

Therefore, it is essential to look at your online shop from the point of view of the actual shop visitors or buyers, which is sometimes tricky because retailers are often blind to business. The experts at Eshop Guide have nine tips for you to run a high-growth Shopify online store. You can use the tips to quickly check whether your shop meets the points – if not, there is a need for action.

Tip 1: What’s There?

Do your visitors recognize at first glance what they can buy from you? Try to make your start page as meaningful as possible and do it “above-the-fold,” i.e., before the visitors scroll. For example, pictures with your products in action or suitable texts with keywords are essential here.

Tip 2: Why Should You Buy From You?

What are your USPs? Where do your products come from? Here we move more on the product pages or, even better, on landing pages created specifically for the manufacturing process. Try to present your USPs to your shop visitors visually. Explain where you get your products from and whether they might be produced sustainably. That automatically creates trust.

Tip 3: Who Is Behind Your Shop?

People love relationships, so you must introduce yourself to your visitors. Create an “About Us” page in the menu bar where you introduce yourself and your team. Add personal photos and write a little text about who you are and your company values. This makes it easier for visitors to identify with you and your shop.

Tip 4: Can People Shop In Your Online Shop With A Clear Conscience?

Do you support ecological or social initiatives with your shop? Then let your shop visitors know that too. Again, the same applies here: the more information, the more customers. So if your visitors recognize that they are doing something good for animal welfare with their purchase, they are often more willing to buy.

Tip 5: Can People Trust Your Shop?

Explain your guarantee and exchange conditions prominently on the product and landing pages. When you sell clothes, there is a good chance that customers will choose their size incorrectly.

If they can’t exchange the goods or you have a complicated process, they probably won’t buy again. Also, build more trust by using ratings and testimonials. A successful example of this is the product page of Dr. Mass Cosmetics.

Tip 6: How Does Your Product Work?

Add tools and descriptions on your product pages that make it easier for your shop visitors to understand your product. For example, use a size guide if you sell clothing or use cases for cosmetics.

Tip 7: How Does The Purchase Work?

Offer different means of payment in your online shop. It is best to do a target group analysis here because other means of payment make sense depending on age and localization. If you sell to young people, Paypal is suitable, but if your target group is older, you should also offer purchase on account and credit card.

If your potential customers’ favourite payment option is unavailable in your shop, this can also negatively impact conversion.

Tip 8: How Can I Reach You?

Do you only want to be available via email or provide a chat? Then make that clear to your customers. Add a contact page to the footer of your shop and point out in appropriate places that you can be reached in chat from 8 am to 6 pm, for example.

Tip 9: Are Your Customers Concerns Proactively Addressed?

This is an important point: Be proactive. If you know that your handmade ceramic mugs usually take four weeks to be in your customers’ living rooms, address it in advance. Otherwise, you risk dissatisfaction, which would be completely unfounded. For questions that you encounter frequently, it is best to create an FAQ where you can answer them. That way, everyone knows exactly where you stand right from the start.

With Eshop Guide To The High-Growth Shopify Online Shop

If you believe your shop meets all nine points, it is better to have it checked again by an outside person. Maybe one or the other isn’t entirely clear yet. If the person gives you the same feedback, you have an excellent foundation for scaling your online store.

If you are already at this point, we recommend you deal with your shop’s optimization. The free guide “The 4-step plan for optimization” is beneficial for this.

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