Potential Problems With Your Small Business’s Current SEO Strategy

It’s not hard to see why search engine optimization (SEO) plays such a crucial role in the digital marketing strategies of countless businesses. With prominent search engines acting as the modern-day equivalent of the Yellow Pages, any enterprise that wishes to be discovered would do well to step up their SEO game. Of course, this doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed with every SEO endeavor. Depending on how well your business’s SEO strategies are executed, your search engine optimization efforts may make little to no difference. So, if any of the following problems are present in your current SEO strategy, take care to correct them posthaste.

Forgetting About Meta Tags

No matter how good the content on your website is, you’re liable to have trouble getting it noticed by search engines in the absence of meta tags. In case you’re unfamiliar, meta tags are essentially snippets of text that describe a webpage’s content. So, if you’ve consistently neglected to create meta tags for the various pages on your website, don’t be surprised if your web traffic is well below what you’d like it to be. With this in mind, make a point of creating meta tags for each new page you create – and retroactively creating tags for any pages that currently lack them.

Not Working with Seasoned Pros

If your business’s SEO efforts are lacking in any area, you’d do well to reach out to experienced digital marketers. For example, a good SEO services company can help reshape your whole approach to search engine optimization in a timely and professional manner. In addition, if you require assistance with any other forms of digital marketing, the right company should be able to provide it. Whether you’re looking for help with advertising, social media or content marketing, seasoned pros can prove instrumental in turning things around.

Littering Your Web Content with Keywords

Although keyword integration can be an effective way to grab the attention of search engines, there’s such a thing as overdoing it. Littering your web content with keywords that are meant to generate search traffic may help you in the short term, but the long-term consequences of keyword stuffing can be severe. For instance, if your web content is packed to the brim with inorganically-utilized keywords, the content itself is unlikely to be of any practical use to people who visit your site. While it may work to ensnare new visitors, these visitors are liable to depart upon seeing your keyword-stuffed content. Furthermore, search engines generally don’t take kindly to sites that engage in keyword stuffing. So, if you take part in this practice, don’t be surprised if your site’s search ranking suddenly experiences a massive drop.

Not Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

Now that the majority of web traffic comes from smartphones and other mobile devices, every business that wishes to succeed in the age of mobile browsing should optimize their respective sites. As the name implies, mobile optimization entails maximizing your website’s functionality for mobile devices. Given how many options modern consumers have at their fingertips, few of them are likely to tolerate a website that fails to function properly on their phones. Similarly, when determining search rankings, many search engines show priority to sites that have been optimized for mobile browsing.

Failing to Create Solid Web Content

Posting new web content on a consistent basis can play a large role in determining your site’s overall search ranking. That being the case, you should be posting new blogs and/or feature articles on a weekly basis. Additionally, the content you create should be relevant to your business, its target consumer base and, in the case of hyperlocal enterprises, the community you serve. If neither you nor any of your regular team members have experience crafting web content, consider enlisting the aid of experienced content writers and marketers.

A solidly-crafted search engine optimization strategy can be a boon to your enterprise. Not only can good SEO play a crucial role in increasing brand awareness, it also stands to lead to a noticeable uptick in new business. So, if your search engine optimization efforts appear to be lacking, there’s no time like the present to start refining and reconfiguring your current strategies. Among other things, this entails steering clear of the problems discussed above.

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