Roulette Number Prediction Formula | Roulette Calculation

Roulette Number Prediction

Roulette is that elite casino game you might have seen in the movies_ played on a round wooden table. It is one of the most popular casino games, alongside Teen Patti and Blackjack.

Players over the years have been trying to learn tricks for roulette number prediction. And for those who managed to find the roulette prediction formula, the world has changed.

If you too are looking for some roulette prediction tips, let’s take a look at the suggestions below.

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Calculating house edge

You can calculate the house edge simply by using the following formula:

House Edge = Odds vs. success – house odds × Probability of success

Or in general, you can predict the house edge using the well-known difference between American and European roulette house edges. In European roulette, the house edge is 2.7%. While in American roulette, it is more due to the presence of double zero on the table. And hence, in American roulette, your chances of winning are 1 in 38.

Watching the dealer

One of the very common roulette prediction formulas is to observe the dealer. It is because some dealers are known to land the ball at specific numbers than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can forcefully land the ball at a certain number. It is just not possible.

Well, their habitual throwing of the ball is what lands it on certain numbers. This is also called sector cutting. And if you’re a good observer, you can literally see the dealer’s luck with a certain sector. Then, betting on the numbers in that sector can help you win more often.

A biased wheel

This next trick is primarily for the land-based casinos. And it doesn’t work for the online wheel. Sometimes, the roulette wheels in land-based casinos are known to give-out certain numbers.

This probably is due to the timely wear of the roulette pockets. Over the years, the roulette table goes through some wear and it slopes to certain numbers. Then, whenever you roll the ball, it lands on the same numbers.

By observing the ear of the table for a long time, you can easily predict what pockets are the roulette table’s favourite.

A roulette computer

Roulette computer is quite a laid-back technique_ we don’t usually recommend. It involves using a machine called a roulette computer to predict the roulette’s next number.

Roulette computer basically uses the speed of the ball at the end moments, alongside its angle of incidence to predict at what exact number the ball will land. However, the use of such a machine can be considered a fraud or a serious criminal offence, depending on the gambling laws of your state. That’s why, we suggest checking your local laws, before going for such gambling devices.

Basic Strategies

Other than these roulette number prediction tips, you can use simple strategies to increase your chances of winning. For instance, you can go for the Fibonacci technique. It involves placing a bet, which is the sum of your last two bets.

Or you can also try your hand at the famous Martingale strategy. This can help to cover up your previous losses by increasing the bet every time you lose.

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