Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: No Other Android Likes It! The Review

Like every year in February, Samsung renews the Galaxy S series and punctually also in this 2023 presents the new smartphones. The top of the range is Galaxy S23 Ultra which is renewed little in aesthetics but much in terms of hardware, proposing itself as the best Android on the market today. However, there is much to talk about on this. Here is the review. The new year we opened with the usual and awaited presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Series. The South Korean company has once again anticipated the times, and at the beginning of February, it unveiled three new smartphones to the world: Galaxy S23, S23+, and the top-of-the-range S23 Ultra.

For the first two, we must wait a few more weeks for the test. We have instead been able to put the actual top-of-the-range under pressure immediately, that is, the smartphone ready to take the reins of Galaxy S22 Ultra, or even of Galaxy S21 Ultra, but above all to get on the top step of the Android smartphone podium. Samsung has abandoned, so to speak, its Note series. An abandonment dictated more by weak sales numbers even if, since the last Galaxy S22 Ultra, it has decided to implement the S Pen directly in the body of its flagship, which will therefore continue to survive, especially for the most demanding users who want to make the most of the power but also the productivity and why not the multimedia of a product that we will see aims higher than all.

Renewing a product that already starts from a decidedly high level is by no means easy. Here Samsung with Galaxy S23 Ultra had the task of finalizing some aspects of S22 Ultra, such as the Exynos processor with the little-used AMD GPU and its anomalous consumption, some details regarding the camera. Still, a part of optimizations needs to be successful. As it has always done in recent years, Samsung has rolled up its hands and slowly created a smartphone that is useless to go around it and is currently the best Android on the market and can compete with Apple’s iPhones. In this Galaxy S23 Ultra review, we won’t tell you that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a throwaway and that you’ll have to buy this new model.

Indeed the past generation is a model still to be beaten by many competitors. It has seen its potential increase during 2022 with a somewhat tricky start mainly due to an imperfect optimization, especially with an Exynos processor for European models, which tended to consume a little too much compared to the Snapdragon distributed in the rest of the world. To all this was added the lack of confidence given to the graphic part of Galaxy S22 Ultra, which we remember was one of the few in possession of an AMD GPU capable of supporting ray tracing.

A premise that seemed to have the potential to sell but unfortunately turned out to be a bubble due to very little support from developers who continued on the path already traveled with Adreno and Mali GPUs. Not only because we have seen in a direct comparison with the Snapdragon version that the difference was also at a photographic level with the one equipped with an Exynos CPU, with a comparison that was not exaggerated but which allowed advantages in favor of the Qualcomm CPU.

Samsung with Galaxy S23 Ultra has therefore taken the reins of all this and has finally decided to change direction but above all to take the most suitable and also expected one by all, that is to propose a Galaxy S23 Ultra with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor all over the world which even it is customized by Qualcomm specifically for Samsung and which we will see will change the cards on the table especially on energy efficiency but also on the photographic potential rather than pure hardware which will improve in any case and also thanks to the introduction of DDR5 and UFS 4.0 memories.

Not only because, although the design of Galaxy S23 Ultra changes slightly, the adjustments are devoted to better ergonomics of the smartphone, which remains largely in its dimensions, but above all to better use of the screen, which for the first time on this device is curved as little as possible to facilitate writing with the S Pen but also viewing content given that no matter how technologically advanced a curved screen will always tend to display images differently from a flat screen.

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