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Successfully Implementing Digital Processes In Companies – This Is How It Works

Many companies are currently facing one of their most important decisions: Which processes will remain and which will be digitized? Because digital techniques make work easier, they also promote a company’s success. Therefore, we will show you how the implementation works with an experienced partner like edoc.

When companies dive into the world of digitization without a clear structure, chaos is inevitable. Especially companies that don’t have any experience and don’t know where they want to start should therefore seek the help of an external partner.

Doc has already helped hundreds of companies succeed with digital solutions. The experts help companies digitize their procedures and processes and thus be faster and more efficient.

How does do work with customers? We show it with an example. Kürten & Lechner GmbH (KL Druck) offers full printed products for large and small customers.

KL Druck has been a customer of doc since 2014. The cooperation started with introducing the document management system to guarantee the audit-proof archiving of documents at KL Druck.

In 2018, edoc introduced digital incoming invoice processing. This involves the automatic processing of electronic invoices, including document reading and classification, and the digitized verification and approval process.

The existing ERP system was converted to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) two years later. In addition, the previously used digital solutions and processes were expanded to include contract management. This allows the company to keep track of all deadlines, for example.

Cooperation Between KL Druck And Do

In a short interview, the doc had the opportunity to talk to Dirk Hegner, IT manager at KL Druck, about the implementation of the digital processes.

What Were Your Top Goals For The Project?

Dirk Hegner: Joy of use – finding instead of searching describes our goals quite well. This enables us to increase efficiency and create more transparency. At the same time, it was essential to me to present KL Druck as a modern, contemporary and digital company.

We have a solid and competent ECM partner at our side, with whom we are well prepared for the digital future.

What Was Your Biggest Challenge Before Introducing The Doc Solutions?

The biggest challenge for KL Druck was to connect the commercial area with the production area. Previously, orders or parts lists were made available in the production area via Excel. There was a significant risk that changes would be made or someone would save the list locally on the end device, so no one knew ad hoc what the current subject of the order was.

With the extensions of doc and the d.3one web client, nobody in production can accidentally make changes or save the orders locally. This now ensures more transparency and structure, also within production.

What Was The Decisive Reason You Chose Doc Solutions As Your Partner?

Doc was compelling with its many years of experience and the Microsoft Dynamics strategy. We liked the extensive solution portfolio and the consistent focus on best practice approaches.

Before we decided, we also carried out a reference visit to the GSI – Society for Welding Technology International in Duisburg. There we saw the solutions in action, so in the end, it was easy to choose edoc.

Successfully Implement Digital Processes With Doc

The practical example from KL Druck shows that implementing all-digital processes works faster and easier with an experienced partner at your side. Doc has more than 24 years of experience. The experts currently look after more than 600 active customers.

There are enough practical examples like this from KL Druck at doc. So if you are looking for a partner to help you and your company digitize business processes, you can rely on the doc.

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