The Best CRM That Will Succeed In 2020

This 2020 is posed as a challenge for SMEs and large companies that aim to implement the best CRM software in the market. The task is not simple. The alternatives? A total of 450 client management tools and a key question repeated by CEOs, CIOs or sales managers: What is the best CRM for my company? The definitive answer will mark the direction of the corporation and will be the starting point of an exciting path of digital transformation.

Therefore, we want to transmit all the knowledge necessary for you to choose the best CRM software for your company. Quiet, to be sure it is not strictly necessary to test the 450 solutions that currently exist worldwide. Keep reading, with a little help you will make the best decision!

You already know what a crm is, what are its advantages and basic benefits . However, you have been looking for the best solution for a long time, that software that really brings the team together for a common goal, selling more and better. But not by magic, but because you have made the right decision taking into account the following characteristics of the best CRMs:

Is Bullhorn a CRM or ATS?

Start Growing Your Business with BluHorn Dashboard Feature ATS & CRM. Bullhorn’s powerful, easy-to-use applicant tracking system lets you manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface – from desktop or mobile device, on any browser.

The Best CRM of 2020: Functionalities and Features Adapt to Different Teams and Company Profiles

First and foremost: the tool must adapt to different equipment and company profiles. Although it seems basic, we can find in the market CRMs that adapt perfectly to equipment and sales processes, but nevertheless, they are not prepared to provide the necessary information to technical teams in charge of the installation, for example, of a service.

Why is this functionality so important? That the system allows to create different types of users with access to specific functionalities and ways of interacting with different information, allows to give a correct response to the client during the entire customer journey. And it is not only the basic pillar of the customer experience, but also of productivity and time management. It is not about searching for data, but about processing it correctly to receive the exact information at the right time.

Process Automation

The priority for CEOs and CMOs: the automation of sales processes , customer service or loyalty, from prospecting to closing sales. The geolocation, the report of activities by voice or the notification of the following task are basic functionalities for the day to day business. The tool must become the impetus to reach the next phase of the sale.

Here simplicity is the winner. Anyone who starts using the mobile application or the web platform has, in a short time, to work perfectly with the tool. If your team spends more time reporting calls, visits or tasks, the software is putting more impediments than facilities. Do not delay in looking for a solution!

Real Time Analysis

The real – time. This buzzword, is it true in CRM? Just as the activity report and communication with the client must flow, the analysis obtained must be in real time. Yes or yes. It is useless to see how sales of a product have fallen three months after that fall occurred. That is why it is so important that the reports provide real-time data, are accessible from any device immediately and adapt to different profiles.

A CRM Attached to an ERP

Can a CRM be ERP? Payments and collections. If you work with a CRM, on the one hand, and an ERP, on the other, you are paying for two tools when there are systems on the market that link the best of a CRM with the functionalities of an ERP. Here also comes process automation. It looks for the system to send invoices to the client at the right time, in addition to making the necessary payments.

The Best Marketing Ally

A tool to empower marketing ? The CRM systems that exist in the market are usually the best commercial tool and the marketing departments have to support them in their sales process. But this department is not what it used to be. Digital strategies prevail and to expedite the management of leads that arrive from websites, online stores or different campaigns, it is essential that those leads or contacts are automatically registered in the tool and reach the consultant who will accompany the customer in the purchase process.

Here we explain how to get quality leads in just 3 steps . The best CRMs should help you yes or yes in this process.

Artificial Intelligence to Predict all Events

Artificial intelligence, is it reality or thing of the future? This functionality is only incorporated by the best CRM in the market. Predicting events such as the impacts necessary to close a sale, customer preferences or sales of a particular product are functionalities of the CRMs that begin to incorporate AI into their system.

Adapt to Any Company

Be scalable If your business is not static, why would it be the central tool? It must be designed to adapt to the processes of any company and sector. From a multinational to an SME. And you should do it without much effort, as quickly and simply as possible. It should never be the company that adapts to processes previously set in the tool.

What are the Best CRM for my Company? The Final Decision

  • An easy to use, intuitive and in Spanish CRM program. For the traditional teams that use this system for the first time, it is very important that they start working with it without great efforts. Leaving spreadsheets aside is not a simple task, but if you love the tool, you will forget that excel existed before.
  • Opt for the company in which not only marketed with the tool, but also develop it. In this way, the consultants will adapt the tool to the business processes correctly. In addition, the support team will know all its functionalities perfectly to help you, not only in the implementation process, but also during future developments that may be necessary.
  • That adapts without great efforts to a specific sector that evolves. Companies need a platform that transforms with the business without having to rethink the entire system. In addition, to do so together with the needs of the different departments and profiles involved in the entire customer journey.

That leaves aside the multichannel approach prevailing at present, towards an omnichannel one in which it is very simple to give the correct and fast answer to the client. In this sense, integration with the tools involved in the process should be simple, without great efforts. All this is of no use if it does not help increase sales, because the goal should always be to sell more and, of course, better. Are you ready to choose the best CRM of 2020 ?

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