The Best Technological Devices To Take On Vacation

The accessories to pack to make your stay away from home and office comfortable. Techly presents devices designed and developed to meet any need: car or desk mounts for smartphones, tablets, and PCs with a refined and minimal design to ensure stability and ease of use. The power bank allows you to power the devices that accompany your travels and avoid running out of battery.

LED furnishing lamps give a touch of atmosphere to summer evenings outdoors and indoors.

Techly presents a range of technological accessories available at the Manhattan Shop, useful for enjoying the summer to the fullest without sacrificing comfort. Traveling is more beautiful if you use products that make the technology even more reliable, always ready for use, and close at hand.

The I-SMART-UNIALTY magnetic car holder for smartphones is an elegantly designed device that can be attached to any vehicle. It often happens that you don’t know where to place your cell phone in the car to use it as a navigator: therefore, the magnetic smartphone holder developed by Techly is equipped with clips for installation with fixing on the air vents; it is easily assembled ensuring stability and 360° rotation of the screen.

The package includes two metal plates, one square and one round, suitable for smartphones with a screen size of 3.5″ to 6.5″. The holder is made of premium-quality aluminum alloy material. In this way, the support can guarantee resistance and stability. As it does not undergo any changes caused by sudden changes in temperature, the support is perfect both in summer and winter.

The universal car holder with a suction cup suitable for I-TABLET-VENT tablets is part of a category of highly appreciated and useful accessories, both for the driver and those who are passengers. The ultra-strong 93 mm suction cup allows you to easily attach the device to the windshield by adhering perfectly to its surface without reducing visibility on the road.

The 360° rotation mechanism and adjustable brackets from 106 to 190 mm allow you to place 7 to 10.1″ tablets, GPS, DVD players, and ebooks in horizontal and vertical positions, allowing you to orient the device freely. A good device in sight allows you to follow the route indicated by the navigator easily and can be a source of entertainment for children and passengers.

The practical folding aluminum stands for notebooks, tablets, and smartphones; ICA-TBL 134TY is a comfortable stand that adapts to electronic devices from 10″ to 16″. It can also be used as a bookstand for books and newspapers. The foldable design and light aluminum alloy structure make it space-saving and easy to carry around. It is ergonomically adjustable using six angle levels from 0 to 45° (height from 5.5 to 15.5cm) to allow you to position the screen at the most comfortable level. This way, you can assume a correct posture reducing back pain and stiff neck or wrist pain.

The ergonomic design meets the daily needs of using any device, while the material (4 mm aluminum alloy) and the open structure of the stand facilitate ventilation by promoting heat dissipation. The support is resistant but extremely light, safe in every component, and equipped with six non-slip silicone pads on the front that protect the supported device by avoiding slipping.

I-SMART-STAND6 is an elegant and practical desk stand for smartphones and tablets, which, thanks to its minimalist design, adapts to different environments: from the home to the professional one. The small size and fully foldable structure allow you to take the stand anywhere by putting it in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

The desk will have a touch of design that does not exclude practicality and safety: the support is equipped with non-slip rubber pads that protect the device from scratches but also keep it firmly in place while using the touchscreen. The support is ideal for smart working, study, and remote teaching without excluding free time: thanks to the wide viewing angle and the angle adjustable up to 270°, viewing the screen will be comfortable for reading recipes from the tablet, making video calls with friends or watching a movie.

The stand, only 13 cm high, is equipped with a large opening on the rear end through which it is possible to pass a charging cable, thus avoiding any obstacle. The power bank is one of those travel accessories that is now a must-have with you. A portable charger is essential when your smartphone, tablet, or notebook runs out of battery after just half a day of activity.

I-CHARGE-1000020W and I-CHARGE-2000020W are portable, pocket travel chargers that meet emergency charging needs. The two models differ only in the charging capacity: both are equipped with integrated protection circuits to prevent overload, overcurrent, and short circuits. Compatible with smartphones from all major manufacturers and a wide range of electronic devices, they have a 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh battery, respectively.

Depending on the battery used, some devices can be recharged several times before the power bank has to be connected to the wall socket. For the summer at home or in the garden, the new versatile LED lamps developed by Techly are ideal for illuminating evenings with lots of creativity and imagination. The color and intensity of the light are easily adjusted with a touch, and the battery life offers up to 15 hours of lighting.

Available in different styles, from an attractive design to more modern shapes, LED lamps allow you to meet all the needs for lighting indoor and outdoor spaces. Purchasable at the Manhattan Shop, LED furnishing lamps make outdoor spaces more welcoming: it will be easy to choose the atmosphere for summer evenings by choosing the most suitable combination in a range of 16 colors.

The solutions designed by Techly for a summer that takes advantage of technology are ideal for enjoying moments of leisure but also functional for work. The devices are all certified according to European standards and have a guarantee of up to 2 years.

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The Best Technological Devices To Take On Vacation

The accessories to pack to make your stay away from home and office comfortable. Techly presents devices designed and developed to meet any need:...

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