The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence In HR

The Technological Revolution has caused a significant change in the global business fabric. 75% of companies are reasonably advanced in their digital transformation plans and strategies in Spain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows to be essential in this regard.

Although Human Resources is not a department that stands out for being a pioneer in digital technologies, it has ended up accepting and making the most of them. This is not surprising, considering that these technologies favour the corporate culture and provide tools that optimise and streamline the department’s tasks.

Big Data, gamification, or virtual reality are digital tools that the HR department takes advantage of. However, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised not only Human Resources but the entire company.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Applied To HR

Artificial Intelligence develops specialised software capable of providing human Intelligence to machines. These computers with human thinking process information and interpret it, and resolve unforeseen conflicts during the processes.

In addition, AI prioritises machine learning and deep learning in these computers, making machines capable of learning, solving problems, reasoning, and processing language.

But how does Artificial Intelligence affect the Human Resources department? The impact of AI in HR mainly affects four areas:

Employee Experience

Artificial Intelligence interprets the workforce’s data, with which it is capable of offering personalised content according to the interests of the workers. In this way, the employee experience is improved, and the retention of talent by the company is guaranteed.

These unique contents for each worker also ensure that they acquire a better brand image. In addition, the option of using the same techniques with potential candidates should not be ruled out so that they are the ones interested in working for the company (attracting new talent).


Personalised offers are just one example of what Artificial Intelligence can do for the Human Resources department. Recruiting new talent is much more efficient and easy by allowing AI to improve recruitment processes.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, recruiters have relevant information about candidates during the selection and evaluation processes. Almost half of the companies that employ AI optimise their recruiting strategies. This is reflected in The Litter Annual Employer Survey report.

Nowadays, the use of chatbots is booming. Thanks to these automatic chats, recruiters can contact candidates during the selection process. They provide relevant information about the potential worker and favour feedback between recruiters and applicants.

Learning And Training

AI also enables applications that facilitate continuous learning and skills development in employees. These are short-term training courses with presentation as a game. In this way, workers will learn in an attractive, fast, and simple way, without the need for a teacher or a classroom.


AI technology seamlessly processes all template information, regardless of size. With this analysis, the extraction of relevant data related to the performance and productivity of the company will be an automatic and straightforward task. HR staff no longer have to spend hours and hours sifting through data and reports to get the information they need.

Automatic analysis of this vast amount of information will facilitate predictions of staff behaviour. For example, possible demotivation of workers and their causes can be predicted. In this way, the Human Resources department will take the appropriate measures to avoid such demotivation, absenteeism, sick leave due to depression or stress… In other words, it will be able to prevent the dreaded staff turnover.

The digital transformation entails a new role of cultural management. Implementing Artificial Intelligence and digital technology in HR is essential in attracting and retaining talent. After all, this talent management is one of the critical points in any business digital transformation process.

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