Technology And Marketing: The Importance Of Integrating These Two Sectors

For a company’s management to develop in a much more open, strategic way and follow market trends. There must be integration between the technology and digital marketing sectors so that both can add up to each other and thus achieve brand credibility, increase sales and attract new customers.

Communicating with consumers has changed, and corporations must be aware of new ways of relating to their customers. For this, it is important that there is this integration and that both sectors approach each other through effective and clear communication channels.

Given this, we will address the importance of aligning these sectors within the company and how they can expand their deliveries and enhance results. Check it out below!

Why Is It Important To Integrate Marketing And Technology?

Companies need to reinvent themselves and propose innovative solutions for their customers to understand and increasingly meet the needs and interests of the new consumer.

In this sense, the technology and marketing sectors can easily complement each other and outline more dynamic and technological strategies.

Based on data that the IT team has access to and on tools, applications, and everything else that makes up the digital, marketers are already very familiar with.

Thus, this combination provides countless opportunities for companies with strategies based on integrated information, such as, for example, the help of management software, Big Data analysis, performance, and Analytics professionals, among others.

In Practice, What Would Be The Benefits?

Faced with a reality whose marketing and technology sectors are aligned and complement each other, the benefits can be many. Follow some of them now:

  • Automated processes with more organized and centralized management
  • Real-time information monitoring
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased productivity and performance of the entire team
  • Identification and elimination of possible bottlenecks existing in the strategies
  • Optimization of time and resources

How Do They Integrate?

Initially, the integration may start from an interdependence between the sectors that will have to act together and deepen each other’s strategies, to complement their ideas and improve their processes.

As is to be expected, this approximation must be structured based on a plan that analyzes the two sectors’ performance individually and then shows what improvements can be made.

Also, remember to focus on hiring professionals with a hybrid profile who are up-to-date and who can handle both sectors satisfactorily. This will help to integrate everyone on the team, having a professional with deeper and more technical knowledge of this new reality, that is, the integration of teams.

Undoubtedly, companies that gain prominence in the market seek to make decisions with intelligence. After all, there is a lot of competition. To be relevant, you have to make the right choices.

In this sense, brands must know how to use the necessary resources for their actions to improve the consumer experience and, thus, be more successful.

Four Benefits Of Marketing Intelligence

Do you want to know why to bet on smart marketing? See the main benefits!

  • Learn more about the persona: this strategy will help you better understand your consumer. With this, you can create more specific and decisive actions.
  • Improves the consumer experience: as you better understand your client, you will be able to create solutions that exactly meet their pain points, thus improving their experience with the brand.
  • Strategies adjustments: when creating marketing actions, know that they will need to be monitored frequently so that you can make adjustments to optimize them. And, with the help of data, the chances of success are much greater, as it will have a direction.
  • Competitive advantage: by analyzing the market, you will be able to identify new trends or threats, thus allowing you to adapt quickly and stand out from competitors.

Oh, and know that these are just some of the countless advantages of relying on Marketing Intelligence. So start basing your decisions on data!


Companies that dedicate themselves to updating and modernizing their sectors, making them more strategic and scalable, leave their results much more powerful and secure. Ensuring business success.

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Technology And Marketing: The Importance Of Integrating These Two Sectors

For a company's management to develop in a much more open, strategic way and follow market trends. There must be integration between the technology...