Top 5 Messaging Apps Of 2020

Today internet world is changed as per earlier, Now a day everyone have their own smartphones apart from that most of the people are using social media, its hug demandable thing in internet world, So today we are going to discuss about top five social messaging app of 2020 so let’s start.


Telegram-app is related to Whatsapp. It allows you to communicate with your friends and contacts through messaging. It is more safe, secure and private. It is available on every smartphone such as iOS and Android and many more. It provides a feature of exchanging audio, video, images and files of any type. Telegram growth increasing day by day by having 200 million active accounts monthly. It provides a feature of Account Self-destruction that gives you an option to delete your account if you don’t come online within 1monthor 3 months or 6 months or 1 year. For the work of telegram, you need wifi or a good data connection plan .The messages of the telegram are always securely encrypted. The users messaging for secret chats can use client-client encryption. Because of the most secure messaging app it is becoming known as terrorists messaging service.

YO Whatsapp

Is not a very new thing for you if you have used the other modes of Whatsapp such as GB Whatsapp? It is another mode of Whatsapp. The YO Whatsapp was developed by the third party as they were not happy with the Whatsapp developers. After installation, you need to agree with the terms and conditions and have to confirm your phone number. This application is 100% safe. It has new functions then Whatsapp. The reason behind more people downloading Whatsapp is the personal privacy setting which is not present in the official app. It added features for group admin. You can download from google just serach only yowhatsapp apk download.


The app is related to the most popular apps like Whatsapp and Viber. It led you to talk and connect with your friends and contacts. For being a part of the line the same process you have to register your mobile number. This app provides free of cost VoIP conversations and video conferences. It also provides a payment app call LINE pay app. LINE messages are provided with end-to-end encryption. It provides more expressive and emoticons stickers with a collection of 10,000 stickers. You can share location and contacts to reach to your friends more easily. It works on both smartphones iOS and Androids and also works on tablet computers and personal computers. To use LINE you need wifi or data connection.


Hike was launched on 12 December 2012. The app is also related to Whatsapp and Facebook. To be a member of this app you need to enter your mobile number. It allows you to send videos, images, audio, files and voice messages. You can send your emoticons through your stickers. It also works on both smartphones iOS and Androids. You can also send your location. Hike smartness first makes sure that the other party is online or offline if he/she is offline then the hike sends text messages (SMS) instead of the normal hike message. The text message is sent to the registered mobile number. You can also change your wallpaper. To use a hike you just need wifi or data connections.


The app is also a communication app. It is created by Google to connect with more friends and can do chats, video calls, and voice calls. This app does not maintain any privacy any person can view anyone’s images. You can download the Hangouts app from the Google play store and can sign in by entering the mobile number. You can click on “+” to bring out a new hangout screen. Find the person to whom you want to do video chat and then click on the video call button. It allows you to promote your business. You can also create HD video calls and HD group conferencing. To work for the Hangout you need wifi or data connection.


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