Torsion Springs Have a Life Cycle

Your garage door torsion springs have a life cycle assessment. This means that manufacturers have calculated the frequency with which the torsion springs would operate effectively before breaking.

Garage doors can be supplied with a single torsion spring. However, many garage doors are equipped with a pair of torsion springs. These torsion springs may or may not have the same dimensions, although many standard garage doors are equipped with torsion springs of similar dimensions. This occurs so that the two springs wear more or less at the same speed. So if you notice a failure of the torsion spring, the second torsion spring may not be too far away.

Change the Two Torsion Springs and Not One

If you want to save stress, time, and money, you’ll need to replace the pair of torsion springs, even if only one torsion spring has failed. As already mentioned, the life cycle of the installed torsion springs is practically the same. So if one breaks, the other will likely break soon.

In the event of a torsion spring break, you should save money in garage door torsion spring replacement costs by changing both torsion springs once and for all. The two torsion springs on the garage door can have different dimensions and therefore different life cycles. However, to avoid having to contact a garage door specialist and spend a lot of money (for the second time in a row), you must replace the broken and unbroken torsion springs immediately.

Install Torsion Springs with Similar Dimensions

The life of each torsion spring is based on a predefined number of duty cycles. In other words, after operating your garage door several times, the torsion springs should wear out. This is important advice if you need to change your torsion springs. You should choose torsion springs of similar length, wire size, and ID.

Rest of Mind

Your torsion springs will break over time, but by installing torsion springs of similar dimensions, you can at least be sure that they will break at about the same time. By replacing your worn torsion springs with identical torsion springs, you actually divide the load and labor of the springs into a pair of equal halves.

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