TypeRacer: History And Overview

History Of TypeRacer:

Alex Epshteyn, A programmer launched TypeRacer. Epshteyn used the OpenSocial API and Google Web Toolkit. He got motivated by tutoring himself to touch type with a shareware Windows program which truly lacked a multiplayer mode. He says that he is not a hardcore gamer and he never played any other multiplayer typing games like “The Typing of the Dead”. Epshteyn is having a Computer Science master’s degree from UMass Amherst and in 2005; he was also an intern at Google.

In PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites of 2008” TypeRacer was listed.

TypeRace Overview:

In TypeRacer, Players will compete similarly as racing. It uses small cars that get advanced based on the user’s typing speed. Short passages which are of 20 to 100 words long are used. Accuracy matters here; all typing errors in words have to be fixed before advancing in the race.

Mostly, typing passages come from popular books, songs and films. And, Users can contribute also. Sometimes, few users achieve typing speeds over 200 wpm, such users are suspected of being robots or cheats against which TypeRacer has taken many measures to control them. If the users get over 100 wpm in a race, protection is required that is to do a CAPTCHA. If they pass the CAPTCHA, users have to perform a score of 25% more than the achieved CAPTCHA speed to activate the CAPTCHA test once more time.

In the Game & Conclusion:

The goal of the game is to type with the best speed to get your car from point 1 to point 2. You can also compete with other users and race with them in real-time.

The one interesting aspect of TypeRacer is that it uses real words. TypeRacer may help you to type faster or not but it is fun for sure.

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