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VoIP is an acronym that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in other words, the transmission of voice over the Internet. It is a technology that allows you to deliver voice or multimedia communications (video for example) via the Internet (IP).

The original voice of IP operators offers architectural solutions that replicate the traditional telephone networks, while the second- or third-generation designed closed networks for private user bases, offering free ones. call or completely different from the architectures of traditional telephone networks… Voice over IP solutions allows the dynamic interaction of users across 2 Internet domains when a user wants to make a call.

To place a call over IP, the user needs a SIP phone software program OR a hardware VoIP phone. Calls can be made from anywhere to anyone, both VoIP numbers and PSTN numbers.

Companies that choose a VoIP system rather than a traditional telephone switchboard using the cable network benefit from significant advantages, such as reduced telephone bills, improved mobility and productivity, etc. In 2008, 80% of the new telephone lines installed internationally were IP lines.

In addition, smartphone apps allow employees to take their work extension wherever they go. Smartphone applications also use Voice over IP to make and receive calls from a user’s laptop, just as if they were using their own professional extension.

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