What Are The Qualities And Skills To Work In Digital Marketing

If you want to work in the digital or web sector, prerequisites are essential to perform and flourish there. However, the volume of technologies and working methods continues to increase, and it can seem challenging to navigate. So what are the essential tools to know? What are the best practices for working in Digital Marketing? Here is our little guide to building a career in Digital Marketing and acquiring a model CV.

Be comfortable with new technologies

Before embarking on a career in digital, it is essential to master the digital environment, know how to use a computer, a smartphone and understand the language relating to technologies. To qualify for a position in Digital Marketing, your CV must reflect this ease with new technologies.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed about these topics, you might want to look for a different career direction. Of course, this is much easier for Digital Natives who are born with technology. Using computers and software will therefore not pose any difficulty for young people. This ease with technology will allow you to develop skills in Digital Marketing and to flesh out your resume with many operational skills.

Familiarize yourself with professional tools

Are you more of a Mac or Windows PC? Android or iOS? Learning to use Apple, Windows and Android systems can help you in your future job. Indeed, you will most certainly be required to work on one or the other. You may even be asked this question during a job interview. To save time, you will need to familiarize yourself with one of these operating systems.

Likewise, you will have to work on many software, which imposes a different working method: CMS, CRM, instant messaging tools…. Knowing this different software will allow you to be more efficient on your workstation more quickly. In short, in Digital Marketing, you will have to develop a sense of permanent adaptation to learn concisely to master new software.

Become an expert on specific tools

Some Digital Marketing tools are essential. For example, if you work in Acquisition Marketing, you need to be proficient in Google Analytics. Likewise, if you work more in communication, you should learn to master the Adobe Photoshop tool. If you work more in customer relations, knowledge of the main CRMs will also be highly appreciated.

Some software is essential and will help you in your work. If you have an operational marketing position, you will have to “get your hands dirty” and handle this software yourself. If you take responsibility, you will have the ability to manage professionals who will use these tools for you.

Know the new trends and keep an active watch

In addition to mastering the various technologies, it is necessary to know the new trends in your sector of activity. It can be news, practices, graphic styles, new tools. As a marketing and digital communication professional, you will have to use these trends, adapt your messages. For example, the use of Tik Tok’s increasingly frequent social network can present itself as a communication opportunity for your business.

As a marketing professional, you will therefore not be able to rely on what you have learned. You will always have to train yourself and inform yourself about the various developments that concern your company’s customers.

Specialize throughout your career

Marketing is a vast field. Different practices prove to be effective depending on the sector of activity, the corporate culture, the type of good to promote (BtoB, BtoC) or the type of technology (mobile application, connected object, etc.). For this, throughout your career, it is advisable to keep consistency between your different jobs. This will allow you to grow more efficiently and acquire greater responsibilities.

Likewise, Digital Marketing has many skills:

  • Community management on social networks
  • E-mailing, content
  • Referencing on search engines
  • Digital strategy

By becoming an expert on one of these skills will help you gain credibility.

Extend your professional network

When working in Digital Marketing, it is essential to broaden your professional network by discussing with your peers. This allows you to have different points of view on the means of communication, but also to keep an eye on your competition. It is essential to be active on social networks or participate in online or IRL events. Numerous webinars, podcasts or meetups will allow you to meet other marketing managers and forge links with other professionals.

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