What Do You Mean By Proxy?

The idea of proxy is used with reference to the agent that is authorized to perform an action on behalf of another entity . The term is often used in the field of computing to refer to the server that, in a network, acts as an intermediary when a client requests resources from a server.

The proxy server , or simply proxy , allows you to register and control traffic , ensures that communication is anonymous and helps optimize performance, for example. In some cases, however, the use of a proxy is considered illegitimate.

A proxy, in short, is a mediator or a link. Suppose a computer A need to request a resource to a computer C . If it does through a B server , this is responsible for moving the application to C , which C does not record that the original request came from A . As can be seen as stated above, in this case server B is the proxy server .

In practice, the proxy is used to intercept connections made from a client to a destination server. When browsing the World Wide Web , in this frame, the web proxy appears .

The proxy, in turn, can be local (the client that makes the request seeks interception, thus allowing the establishment of filtering rules) or external (the implementation of the proxy is decided by an outside entity).

The notion of proxy is also used in other contexts. A climate proxy , also called paleoclimatic indicator , is a record of biophysical particularities of the past that is intended for the measurement of meteorological conditions and thus serves for the reconstruction of the climatic characteristics of historical moments.

A proxy variable , finally, is a statistical variable to which no interest is attributed to itself, but is important in making it possible to obtain others of greater interest through a correlation with the inferred value.

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