What Happens To Your Vehicle After A DUI?

Getting stopped by the police on the road can be a scary experience. You never know what charges they may press. Getting noticed by the police in a drunken state is a whole other scenario. DUI is a serious offense and can land you in big legal trouble.

If you were caught with a DUI, contact an attorney from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office today to protect your future. To get out of legal problems, you need to understand what happens during the DUI process, and that includes your vehicle.

Your vehicle may be left on the roadside

If your intoxication level is not very high and you have a valid driver’s license with no history of a DUI, the police officer may be lenient and leave your car as it is. They may simply leave your car on the road where they arrest you and mark it to let Highway Patrol know it has been dealt with.

If this happens in your case, you can also ask your family member or friend to come and get your car and park it in a safe place.

Your vehicle may be impounded

If this is your third offense in 5 years and no other passengers are in the car, the police may impound your car. The judge may also use impoundment as a part of your DUI penalty or punishment.

The law may be lenient if it is your first or second offense. Impounding a vehicle is expensive and considered excessive for punishing first or second-time offenders. However, each state has different laws regarding when a vehicle should be impounded and how long.

In most cases, the criminal justice system is likely to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle to prevent you from driving your vehicle in an intoxicated state. However, you need to pay taxes for it each month. In this way, the state gets to take your money, and you get to drive your vehicle.

Sober passengers can drive the car home

If there are sober passengers in your car who know how to drive at the time of your arrest, the police may allow them to drive the car home or wherever you prefer it to be parked. In some cases, the police may allow you to make one phone call to a friend and ask them to get the car for you.

Even when you are arrested for a DUI, you should not let the police deprive you of your rights. If the police are wrongfully seizing your car keys, you can contact an attorney to get your DUI cases reviewed.

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